Staying up way tooooo late???

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I had this problem before I got married. Now I tend to go to bed when my husband does (unless I want to go before him). Like some others my husband is usually asleep when his head hits the pillow but I read my kindle until I fall asleep.

I decided to read this thread, since it is 1:50 am right now, and I'm still at my computer. I'm not usually up this late but migraine medicine loaded with caffeine is keeping me awake. ugh! At least I have pixel scrapper to keep me entertained until I finally get sleepy, which is actually starting to happen now. So I'd better go crawl in bed. Busy weekend awaits!

@Lizanne Boy do I feel your pain! I cannot wear the ear plugs as they really bother me. Then to add to all of this a few months ago I developed tinitus (ringing in the ear) in my right ear.....only makes it worse trying to get to sleep! Just another thing to live with as the doctors don't really have answers-I already saw a hearing specialist. Life, gotta love it!

Ah, I am not the only one. I got too used to staying up when I was completing my master's degree. I found it was quiet other than my husband snoring in the bed room. No distractions, phones, interruptions, or anything else to be completed or done.

I have come to enjoy sleeping in and getting up in the middle of the morning. Get up and take my time and not be in anyone's way.

I can sleep on a pin, but not when I'm in front of the 'puter, I start to read my emails and then there is a time lapse, it's all of a sudden 4 or 5 hours later, but hubby says at 11 pm, close down! so of course I have to obey as promised 47 years ago LOL.