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I understand the credits are not cumulative for non supporters but I am a supporter and noticed on a couple of days, my daily credit did not post. I thought the whole idea behind donating and supporting your site was the credits would download automatically and consistently. While I have enough points now to make several purchases right now, the whole point of becoming a supporter is making certain my promised daily credits are added in on a consistent basis, whether or not you have credits on your account. For example, I had 216 credits when I logged in yesterday. I made a 5 point purchase and ended up with 211. I logged in today and my credits are still the same. This has happened at least 2-3 times since I have become a supporter.

Also how do community points work? I don't know how to get to them.

Hey there Liz: I just went over this exact subject with someone a couple days ago here. Read that thread with her questions and my answers in post # 6. Hopefully this will answer most of your questions.

As far as you 5 daily credits not showing up, there could be a slight "glitch" with your account. Jordan can check behind the scenes and verify if they were indeed overlooked and possibly credit you some extras to use if/when he finds the error and fixes it.

However, also note... it does not matter if you are a supporter or just member, your FREE given daily credit never are cumulative. Only your donated credits remain on your account and don't expire. Let us know if you need more help after reading the other thread. And just given Jordan 24-72 hours to look into and fix the other for you. He has had some health problems with his back and a little behind on the computer stuff lately. Thanks for your understanding. smiley

Also, it would be great if you could read up on our profile expectations & forum guidelines in this thread here; so we could all get to know you better. Welcome to PS!!!

@Liz: as Shawna has pointed out (thanks Shawna!), the free daily credits never accumulate. However, the credits you get for donating never expire, and you should continue to get your free daily credits on top of any credits you receive for donating (so in other words, donating does not get in the way of your daily free credits).

Regarding the free credits getting topped off, that should happen every day, but realize that it can take up to 26 or 27 hours for the free credits to reach your account (and not necessarily over night -- try logging in a bit later in the day). The system needs to be re-worked to happen overnight. I've granted you some more credits to help make up for the confusion smiley .

Thanks for bearing with us as we work on this beta site -- still lots and lots to do to make things work more smoothly smiley

I actually for the most part log in later in the day. In any case, thank you for the credits and I hope you're feeling better.

@Liz: Not sure your time zone but if you want to compare to my time zone. I'm on the east coast in the US and mine generally replenish sometime around 9pm. If that will help give you an idea of the time yours will show up approximately. (+/- an hour) smiley

I'm in the U.S. as well, more specifically Central Time Zone. I'm not so sure this is the magic time because my daily download credits were already applied before 9 p.m. yesterday. But I am going to check back in 14 minutes for this. My current balance is 210. I really hope this works because it's 8:46 p.m. at this moment and my daily download credits for today have not been applied. By the way, you never did answer my question regarding community points and how one gets to them/can these be used to purchase stuff as well? I tried to find the answer to this myself, but I just can't seem to find the information. And I'm wouldn't be surprise if this information has been staring me in the face because it's been a long day ... LOL.

@Liz: Actually I did answer your question in the very first sentence by saying go here (linked to another post) and asked that you read my comments to another user on response #6... I just didn't want to type the entire 4-5 paragraphs of info again. smiley

But the basic gist of it is... a)Community Points (aren't spendable) they are how you actually earn Download Credits (which are spendable) & b)You earn community points from participating at the site... commenting to posts, uploading layouts, giving praise on layouts, etc. If you go here (linked) you can see specifics. If you want to find this later so you can get a refresher. Right click on your name, click on support, then click on Community points and it gives you all the specifics of how to earn and how many for each item. smiley The Download credits area explains how many CPs it takes to earn how many DCs at the bottome of that page also.

Also, as far as the time. I was just trying to give a general time for you to estimat since I didn't know where you lived. smiley I usually have mine DCs show up by 9pm EST on most days. I do know that Jordan however actually lives in Jordan almost 1/2 way around the world says to give him a 2-3 (extra hours) window which would mean they would show up in your account between 8-11pm. If their definitely not there by midnight your time, then post a note to Jordan. But I'm pretty sure since he gave you some extras to make up for it, he checked out your account and it should be fixed now. smiley

I'm sorry about overlooking the link in your initial response. This getting old is a bummer. In any case, I read the information and now have a better understanding of what community points mean, etc.

I guess the only way for me to determine if the points are actually being applied is for me to refrain from purchasing an item and then checking my points the following day. Too late to do this today because I just found a template I absolutely needed to buy today. Oh, by the way, before making my purchase today, my balance had increased by 6. Now it's hard for me to determine if these are the points from yesterday or from today since it is 8:42 p.m. I'm awfully tired and can't wait another 2 hours to check the balance today. In any case, I'm giving up on this issue because it just seems it's alot harder than it needs to be, but that's my opinion.

Thank you for your prompt responses. No need for you to respond.

Shawna/Jordan, I have been sitting at 211 points since Sunday. I have not had any daily points applied to my account since then. I have been signing on late every day after 9:00 p.m., CST, and each day my current points remain the same. Whatsmore I have not made any purchases. Jordan you said some times it takes more than 24 hours before the points are applied, but I daresay there is something wrong here because I am not only not receiving my daily points but today only 5 points (when they were finally applied) were added to my balance. Correct me if I wrong, but if I have 21 community points now, then my daily points should be 6, is that not correct? Funny thing I was receiving 6 daily points before Saturday. I'm not looking for you to give me the daily points I have not received for the last couple of days, I just want to bring this to your attention because some thing is wrong here. I guess I better go use the 5 daily points I earned today before the system deducts them ...

Yes your daily download credits should be 6... Have you spent any DC each day? ...because if you're not spending your daily credits each day your points would remain the same. Tell us what your download credits are after you spend the points today so Jordan can double check it easier for you. For ex You say you were sitting at 211 did you go up to 216 today? Is that how you knew you got 5 points? We just need a tad more info so Jordan can investigate it better. BTW I think he only gets on here after about 3am our time zone their daytime hours are while we are sleeping. So, depending on when you answer it may take him a day to see it. smiley

Thanks for keeping us posted Liz, and sorry for the trouble/confusion. Like I said: we are working on the site constantly trying to improve things and fix bugs, so thanks for your patience.

I checked your account today, and it does show that you have free credits in there. I think the main thing to be aware of is that, as Shawna said, the free daily credits to not accumulate: they only get topped off. So if you don't spend all your free credits every day, it's easy for it to seem like you are not getting the right number of credits.

Based on your community points at the moment, you should be getting topped off to 6 free credits every day. So let's say you have 200 download credits (DC) in your account. If you use 5 DC for downloads, you will be down to 195 DC and you will still have 1 free DC left in your account. If you don't use it, the next day you will only receive 5 DC (so that they are "topped off" to 6). If you don't download anything after that, your credits will just sit at 200 every day, until you spend those free DC. So to receive your 6 free DC every day, you need to spend at least 6 DC every day.

I realize that the system may be a bit confusing, that we need better documentation, and we need to get the credits updating overnight, rather than at arbitrary times. These items are on the top of our to do list smiley. Thanks again for your patience, and though you haven't requested it, I've gone ahead and given you some more DC, because you've clearly been experiencing trouble with the system, and it's the least we can do.

So just to make certain I understand what you're asking me to do, I should spend 6 credits each day whether or not my daily credits have been posted for that day? Is this correct?

Yes, you want to spend at least 6 DC sometime during each 24-hour period in order to get your free credits replenished.

The tricky part is realizing when the free DC come into your account, since that doesn't necessarily happen over night... it's potentially easy not to notice if your DC increase a bit sometime during the day...

Hello, Jordan. As is typical with most women, I love shopping so I have no problem spending. LOL. As you said, the tricky part is knowing when the DC is applied because I have checked during the day, late at night, etc., and I have yet to pin down that ever so elusive moment. smiley

Getting the DC to update overnight for everyone is at the top of my to do list. Unfortunately it's a bit tricky because of all the different time zones, etc... thanks for your patience!

I love this site and have been a follower since before this site was updated to its present state. I do however look forward to the time when you incorporate the changes you've been working on because I truly believe it'll iron out some of the frustrating kinks some people, self included, are experiencing. My only hope though is that it's soon because I'm running out of the credits I received from the donation I made several months ago. I just can't count on my daily credits right now because strangely enough they are not replenishing on a consistent basis. This in spite of shopping and spending the number of credits I'm required to spend daily in order to receive my daily credit downloads.

I apologize for the issues Liz: I definitely hope to get the download credit system fixed as soon as possible.