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Can't Download Anything

I keep getting this error today... every time I try to download today.

I also wasn't able to go to my hearts page directly from the down arrow beside my name... like to profile, etc. I had to hand type the url from memory. It started to come up as I typed it in the address box... So I don't know if these problems are intertwined. I may not be able to be back to the website in time to download tomorrow as I usually do mine at night since the days are so crazy. I have 2 doctor appts tomorrow and other errands to run. It doesn't seen to delete the points but it wouldn't let me "start" download or "cancel" I actually had to close the page tab to make it go away.

I had the same type of issue when trying to download today but my error message wording was a bit different.

An error occurred while attempting to process /download-manager/ajax/download/5985: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMHTMLInputElement.selectionStart]

As with Shawna, this message would come up if I tried to "start" download or when saying "cancel". Although, I was able to just click on the x to get out, I didn't have to close the actual page.

Sorry for the error: I think it should be fixed for now. Please let me know.

Yeah!!! I was able to just download mine. I hope I did it before our credits were renewed today. smiley Thanks for fixing my little glitches with the site yesterday.


Hey Jordan: I sent Marisa a message to let you know about what happened that day. Let me know if it got lost and I'll resend it. smiley Thanks! Hope your back has been healing up well and you are back to 100% and that you and Marisa are getting back into the groove after the holidays and y'alls family returning home.

Jordan: I'm guessing you didn't get the email I sent... and I'm re-posting because I haven't seen anything in a few days, but I never got to spend my credits from this day that the downloads wouldn't work for me and kept erroring out. I got back here around 8pm after appointments and once you had the site download error fixed. I used the credits that were there but since I never got any renewed after that I'm assuming they had already been refreshed for the next day... So I never got to use them for the previous day due to being locked out with the downloading error. smiley

Hi. no error message but the downloads don't start (an alpha and a paper) and as I order with free credits, I can't redownload them. I'm so sad !

@Shawna: sorry about that! I've granted you some more credits to make up for the ones you lost smiley

@Vanessa: can you provide a bit more info on exactly the trouble you are having? Do you get an error message or something? What operating system and browser are you using? My first suggestion would be to try using a different web browser, and see if that makes a difference...


No, there was no error message. I even didn't notice the donwloads didn't start immediately. That was when I searched the downloads that I noticed there were not in my download file. I use chrome and windows 7. The only thing is that the window that open when you download was disabled (that's why I didn't notice that anything downloaded immediately). Anyway, since then and til then, I never had any trouble. And as I said, I can't download again the alpha and the paper ordered on January 23 as I use free credits. Do you think it could be possible to reactivate the link I could redownload them once ? Thanks much. Vanessa

Sorry for the trouble Vanessa; glad it's working now smiley . I've gone ahead and given you some extra download credits to make up for the ones you lost. Just go back to those items you want to download, and try downloading them again (you can re-download even after using free credits: you just get charged the credits again, which is why I've given you some extra credits).

Hi. Thanks much, Jordan. It now works perfectly and I can redownload the alpha I missed last time. Thnaks much again. Have a nice day !

Great! Let us know if you experience any further trouble smiley

thanks Jordan for taking care of all the little glitches and doing right by us when things go a little awry every once in a great while. smiley