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couldn't login

I just thought I would mention that when I clicked login on the top of the page it came up with an error message. I came in through the back door lol by clicking a reply button in the forum which gave me the promt to login and it worked fine. Just thought you should know smiley

I had the same problem just now.... Glad you posted that work around, Leza. It wouldn't let me login at all from the main page.

Speaking of the main page... I've been meaning to show you a printscreen for a while Jordan. I don't know if this is an issue with your software or Firefox, but when you see the printscreen I hope you can figure it out. The hyper-linked login is in the middle of the text on the upper right of the screen & I can't select it to login.

Go here to see the printscreen:
(click on image to get bigger picture smiley )

Basically, in order for me to login to Pixel Scrapper, I have to hover over the text at the top of the screen, click my mouse there, press my Tab button, and then press my Enter key ..... only then will I get a pop up box asking for my username & password so I can log in.

Also, there's some text sitting on top of the header "SEARCH" up near the top of the screen on the main page. Not sure what it says - it's the same way the "login" is on that page.

I've also noticed I can't click on my name anymore today to go to my profile or the support page, etc... This just started today. smiley may be all part of the same issue??? I'm using Chrome on Windows 7 btw

Sorry for the login trouble: one of our caching services seems to be acting up. Should be solved for now. (And yes, Shawna, you were correct: the issue with the account drop-down menu was related smiley)

@Lizanne: The site seems to be displaying very oddly for you. Please try:

  1. Opening the site in your browser, then pressing Ctrl + 0 simultaneously on your keyboard (that's just two keys: Ctrl and Zero). If you are on a mac, try Cmd + 0 .
  2. If that doesn't fix the issue, could you try opening the site in another browser, like Google Chrome, and see if you have the same problem?

@Jordan - hi! thanks for looking into this! Not very fond of Google, but I don't mind checking this in IE sometime tomorrow (heading to bed shortly)... I'll look into the other thing as well at that time. smiley

Well, the CTRL+0 didn't work... But I did notice when I went into IE the site looked like it should be... So I decided to do some digging of my own...

I noticed the the margins were different in IE (they were much narrower than they were for Firefox). I thought maybe if I could fix the margins in Firefox that would fix the problems, but I couldn't find a way to do that. BUT I did find & correct my problem - apparently my Firefox add-on (no squint) was squishing the margins & text inward. I reset everything to 100%, and then increased the zooming & everything looked the way it should be. Not sure why, given I put the settings back to what they were before, but it's fixed & I'm happy. This is the only site I've had this problem with - again, not sure why, but glad it looks normal now...