Check out my layout in a contest?

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Check out my layout in a contest?

I don't know if this is an appropriate thing to post here or not. Persnickety Prints & Scrap Orchard gave away an amazing free kit earlier this month called Storyteller. If you haven't seen it yet I highly suggest you go check it out!

I am using it to make a homemade Project Life kit, which has been a ton of fun. I am not finished yet, but Persnickety is having a layout contest using the kit, and I submitted a bunch of the journal/filler cards from my homemade kit as my layout submission. I don't have any expectation of winning (I'm in 8th place currently smiley ) but just for fun I thought I'd ask you guys if you'd go take a look and give it a vote if you feel so moved. Mostly I'm just getting a kick out of watching the little vote counter climb! There is no way for me to link directly to my entry, but it's currently in the second row and the caption says "Homemade Project Life." The contest is happening on facebook, FYI, as I know some of you don't do the facebook thing.

As soon as the kit is done I will post about it here at PS because I'm really excited to share it with all of you!

Pretty cool...I voted!

You've done a fantastic job... I voted, too. Good Luck Violet!

Voted. Great job!

And good luck!! smiley

Thank you, lovelies! xoxoxoxo smiley

I voted too! Your journal cards look sweet! Love to see them closer up.

@Marisa, once I'm done with the whole kit (I got temporarily distracted by blog train designing) I will post them in our gallery! Thanks for checking them out. smiley