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Making A Mask

Ok Ladies: You are always so helpful! I got another one for y'all... I learned how to use a mask of course on a layout or photo, but can you tell me how does one go about actually making a mask of their own? What tool do you use, do you use brushes, shapes etc. or is it a combination of several things?

I would love to make my own. I know that you can add swirls, definitions, etc. onto the edges to give them a more appealing look, too; but I'm just curious where to start or the techniques you guys out there use.

Thanks in advance for any input! I know y'all will probably blow me away as usual! smiley

I do pretty much as the way you are talking about smiley Using just a shape, or just a brush och combined them smiley

I often make a rectangle shape and then I'll erase from it and add to it using various grunge/distressing brushes.

It depends upon what kind of mask you want to make.
If it is from a picture, one that you first select the object or person(s), once selected use the layer mask icon on the bottom. You have now created a mask and proceed to refining the mask or applying styles to the mask.
Please note that when doing this duplicate the layer first, hide the bottom layer, so that you can see the actual mask.
This is neat because you can add a different background, copy the layer to another picture, etc.

If you just want to create a mask to apply to something else you can select a shape to work with, or use a selection tool and free draw the selection to create the section that will be a part of the mask. It is always nice to refine the mask to smooth out the edges and to add other options to the mask.

If you have a brush that you want to add to a shape or just use on its own. This can also become a mask.

I have used this picture before. It is an example of creating a mask, than applying a style to it; Putting a background behind the picture.