Can I ask a stupid question about resizing and resolution of my whole layout?

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Can I ask a stupid question about resizing and resolution of my whole layout?

Okay, so I keep trying to upload my layouts to the gallery, and it always as to resize it for me. I start out my layouts by cutting the background to 8x10. Then I complete the layout and save as a jpeg in photoshop, and a little message box pops up about the quality of the jpeg and I've been choosing the highest number, 10. Then it says something about formatting options, baseline, baseline optimized, and progressive. Nothing I do seems to make a difference. It doesn't seem to be big enough for the gallery. You can't zoom in on any of it and see the detail. What do I need to do?? I know I'm missing something kind of obvious and important here.....

In Photoshop, if you go to the menu. Image > size -- this is where you resize an image. If the image is too small than you would work with the size. For this I would change the resolution. This will also change the display size. For the web and 8X10 image at 72 dpi. If this displays too small up the dip to 200. See if that will work, if it does not than try 300.

Thanks so much! I will try it out soon. smiley

It's best to start out your design at 8x10(if that is your default lay-out) and 300dpi. After you have finished your lay-out you save it with all it's layers as .psd(I assume you use PSE?)in case you want to change something later. Than you flatten the image, after that go to image size and change the resolution to 72 dpi and select a size that looks good to you, it will be trial and error, but imo its easier to change from 300 to 72 without loss of print files that to go from 72 to 300 dpi. But this is just my personal experience.