What is your favorite color?

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Red is my favorite. So bright and bold! But I have to say I like so many colors that sometimes my favorite changes on a whim... one day I will be a totally teal person and another day it's burgandy bliss. AND I love color combos!!! Sometimes they can just make you happy!

I would say my favorite color is green but I've been gravitating toward black and pink a lot lately.

no question about it, blue.

YELLOW ... happy sunny yellow

I chose blue as my favorite but I love green too. smiley


Red is my favorite color but purple isn't far behind. Then again, I really like black. smiley


Mine are Cobalt Blue and Black, they tie for first in my heart, or are close enough to be too close to break them up into 1st and 2nd place. smiley

Quick question: How do I vote in the poll? Or is it closed to voting now?

well since it seems AI can not vote in the poll lol,
I will just post purple and red

I love so many colors so this is tough. I will usually answer yellow to this question because it is such a happy color. Lately I'm stuck on coral or that pink in a ruby red grapefruit...but I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be back to yellow.

Is, and always has been, RED!

My fave used to be green. Now, since playing around with html colors - I'd have to say like a light purple, lavender color. I love how gorgeous it is! Or maybe a light lilac color smiley

Teal! I love it!

Blue is my favorite

Purple! Any purple is lovely, but a very bluish one (almost periwinkle blue) is my very favorite.

Teal... I use it all over my house. Probably too much. My bathroom is teal and I also recently painted the insides of my cabinets various shades of teal.

i usually go for Blues,all shades but i like teal as well thats sort of blue .Every colour is Beautiful the world is made up of colour & it affects us in different ways ,especially our moods smiley

It's difficult to say.. because it's change and dependent of mood, season, weather, age, situation in family and live. I I noticed that the color that I like at the moment in 3-6 months becomes fashionable smiley smiley smiley

Definitely some minty turquoise! smiley


I love green! But I also love blue, purple, dark red, yellow and neutral colors such as gray and beige smiley

I like all the colours, but definitely pinks are my favourites

grey and dark raspberry-ish pink are tied for me!

definitely green

I'm torn between purple or pink being my favorite. But I also love Blue...so there's that. haha

I definitely am partial to blue! That's been my "favorite" ever since I was young. However, I love lots of colors, especially in my scrapbooking, crafting, and wardrobe.

Purple, teal, red... but sometimes depends on my mood...

I love color, but would say that red is my favorite. It represents my passion for life. I notice that I tend to use greens as neutrals because they are so relaxing and peaceful, and I've been in a kind of brown craze for the last five years.

A deep, dark purple (perhaps paired with a light teal)