Masks and Templates

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Masks and Templates

Hi Friends,

I'm a newbie here on pixelscrapper AND in the digital scrapbooking world.

I use Photoshop CS5 and I am confused about something and hoped you all could
explain it to me. What is the difference between a "mask" and a "template"? Or are they
one in the same?


Hi Tracey,
Welcome. I see you are new here and still have your profile to complete.
I moved your post to the Photoshop section. Please find your responses there.


(response from Judy Salerno)
You can find layer and vector masks
Masks can be used to hide portions of a layer and reveal portions of the layers below. Photoshop makes use of layers to create one of a kind pictures or layout pages.

• A layer mask are resolution-dependent bitmap images that are created through painting or with selection tools.

• Vector masks are resolution independent and are created with a pen or shape tool.

• Layer and vector masks are nondestructive, this means you can go back and re edit the masks later without losing the pixels or layers they hide. This is also dependent upon the fact that you save the mask as a .psd, or .png. Once you save the picture as a jpg and close the program, you will not be able to recover the layers.

Here is an example of a photo mask -
When applied to a picture you will see all of the white areas become invisible. While the mask is in place the white areas will remain invisible. You can however delete the mask and the original picture will remain.
A template is a document that you use to design a “fixed” page layout; you are then able to create a layout based on the template. This may be a full page layout or a cluster layout. Many think a full page layout that has already been completely designed as a quick page layout. Where many consider a template a page layout that contain spaces and layers for the placement of objects.
Templates can also be for individual objects.
Most of all a template is a design that one can customize with their own designs.
An example of a template is
Here you will find many different types of templates.