Where in the world are you?

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Where in the world are you?

I thought it would be interesting to know where (what countries and/or states) pixel scrappers are living and perhaps to share about a nice place to visit in your country. I am from the Philippines and we have a lot of wonderful beaches like Boracay...

amazing photo! i am from wisconsin, usa. here is an example of what you can find here....

I'm living in Amman, Jordan. Here's what the city looks like:

I comes from Indonesia(not far from your country,philippines)
in my country, you can find many beautiful beach like Raja Ampat in Papua and in south bali

I am in MN

The days are getting longer, but we are in for a real cold snap here...

I live on Rügen, Germany's largest island... that's the closest beach (only about 1 km away from my front door):

Though I don't live right next to the ocean this is a view of our California coastline.

This is where I was for the weekend, 2 hours from home (but 2 min from Mum and Dad) In the area that the hobbit and Lord of the Rings were filmed

wow, what wonderful photos!

Love the pictures.

I live in Lake Havasu City, Az U.S.A. It is where the London Bridge was moved to. This is winter time here.

I'm Originally from Washington State
Here is a pic of the Gorge where I'm from.
Currently I'm living in Weatherford, Texas near Ft. Worth, Texas

My pics won't show up for some reason??? But they are beautiful places!

ok now I've got it LOL ... Here is where I used to live:

The Gorge (Washington side) by angmariedavis, on Flickr

There...is an awful high percentage of people living near waterfronts here, lol!! I lived in western New York until a little over a year ago, when my husband and I moved down to sunny, sunny Florida. (It feels so blasphemous to say I'm cold when it's 40 degrees here, and in the single digits where my family is!) This is a minute and a half's walk from my front door:

(I'm still amazed by how different the ocean looks every day. I'm used to, y'know, woods and creeks and an occasional lake!)

...I'd post pictures of my house/yard, but it's still in baby stages of being made pretty. (I moved in to an ugly fence, one overgrown garden bed...and really ugly grass. lol. gonna take some time!)

I'm from right outside of Philadelphia - this is a little creek near my home.

...k...better go figure out how to post a picture...

So fun to see where everyone is living! Thanks for sharing.

Ich wohne in Deutschland in einem kleinen Dorf am Rand des Odenwaldes.

Hier gibt es jede Menge Wald und Hügel, ideal für meine zweite Lieblingsbeschäftigung - wandern.

This was translated on the web, so that all will enjoy your comment (Note that if you are using Firefox there are plugins that will translate.)
I live in Germany in a small village on the edge of the Odenwald
There are a lot of woods and hills, perfect for my second favorite activity -. Hike.
Love the picture - Judy

Lots of you live very close to the nature smiley I live in a big Metropolis, São Paulo, Brazil. I found a picture (It´s not mine, I guess I saved it from here), and circled some parts of downtown that I recognized on it:

In Pink, the streets where I use to buy craft supplies, in yellow a cheminey from an old factory that was deactivated (now its very close to a bus station) and in red the Municipal Market of São Paulo, one of the touristic spots of the town.

In most parts of the city you see buildings all troughout the horizon. In my neighborhood we have less high buildings, because we are close to the local airport.

I live in Massachusetts, USA... I can't find a nice pic of the area in my stash... I'll keep looking, but I live in the Pioneer Valley in the Western part of the state so I'm not near the ocean... much closer to mountains and New York State... but I'm told we have baby mountains compared to what my aunt has out in Utah...lol. Honestly she came out here for my Brother's wedding in 2011 and she was looking out the car window and she said our mountains are such "cute little baby mountains"...lol.

Love the pictures, it is so nice to see where everyone is from.

@Sarah: Mountain people can sure be snobby, I know I am! After 4 years living in the Andes, I can look down my nose at pretty much any mountain. Except for the Himalayas. I solve this problem by not going to see them smiley

Although at the same time I really love any mountain, even if it's a baby mountain. Baby mountains are better than no mountains! Also, if I'm going to "climb" one, it better be a baby.

@Marissa... lol... I've never really seen a 'grown up' mountain...lol. I want to though just see the difference... but I hear ya on only climbing baby mountains... I don't think I have what it takes to climb a 'grown up' mountain...lol.

As for mountain folks being snobby... I've never heard anyone have an opinion on our mountains before my aunt so I've been fortunate enough not to run into mountain snobs...lol.

too funny!

I live in Melbourne Australia l live about an hours drive from the beach but we have some beautiful beaches here and l live about 1/2 hours drive from the Dandenongs which are the hills, hope to post photo's soon.
@Marisa, l had friends who lived in Amman for 10 years they loved it there, it's a place l hope to visit some day. smiley

@Kelly: Cool! Jordan is a great country for tourism! There is so much to see!

hello, Marisa, i just got back from a wonderful dream-come-true trip to Jordan (just one day in Amman!), Israel and Egypt and yes, there is so much to see in your part of the world! smiley

I am from Queensland, Australia. I will come back another day and share a couple of photos as Australia is full of great scenery from beautiful beaches to lush rainforests to mountains to deserts. .....

It is so beautiful! Such a nice place to live smiley

@Peggy: You'll have to share some more about your trip!

Hi everyone, I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Here is 2 pictures of my city. One in the summer and the other one in the winter. We are far away from ocean and beach... But it still a realy nice place smiley



Beautiful places for sure~!
So interesting to see all of the places. Thanks for sharing indeed

I live in Texas, USA.
I grew up in Louisiana, USA
My Dad was a shrimper, so I too grew up near water, and helping on the boat smiley (The Gulf of Mexico, Bayous and marsh area)
I love living near water.
I will try to find some pics when I can get to my old EHD (most of my pics stored there)