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One Little Word

Is anyone else doing One Little Word this year?

In case you aren't familiar, OLW is a project started by scrap celeb (for lack of a better term) Ali Edwards: The idea is that you pick a single word to guide you, something to hold in mind as you navigate through the year.

This year is my first year doing it. My word is engage. I was dubious that I would know the "right" word - everyone in the blog world seemed to be talking about how they magically knew one particular word was the word for them. But I made a list of possibilities (sparked by reading the comments section of this post where tons of people talk about their word and as I sat with my possibilities various signs, internal and even external, made it clear that engage was the word for me this year. So cool!

There are some fun challenges/activities that go along with OLW all year long, and I thought it would be fun if anyone else is doing it here to maybe do them together or at least share our words and talk about why we chose them and what they mean to us.

I've heard about this, and it looks cool, but I haven't done it. I have a bunch of projects to finish up right now, but I'm thinking this summer to start some sort of new thing...maybe this will be it.

i dont know where my response went from a couple of days ago. but i am doing it and my word is "peace"