Logging In - Remember Me [planned]

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Logging In - Remember Me [planned]

Most forums have a "remember me" or "keep me logged in" option. This is very helpful when you visit a forum daily. I haven't seen it here, and hope you will consider it.

Good idea

Chrome also has the option to remember the password for sites, but I haven't had that option for this site. Maybe the setup is different. Any ideas Jordan?

I was thinking this exact same thing. Liz: I haven't received the option in Chrome either for this website... and the auto fill must be defaulted to something weird because it brings up every board on my pinterest account that starts with an "s" when I start to type my user name. LoL
I love the "remember me" option idea because I hate typing anything extra I don't have to... guess I'm kinda lazy??? smiley

I've put the "remember me" option on my to do.

As far as Chrome remembering your password, somehow the login popup isn't being recognized by Chrome. If you want, you can log in by going directly to http://www.pixelscrapper.com/user/login and Chrome should remember your password there.

Thanks Jordan, I will try it that way.
I have so many passwords to remember that I always put them in a special notebook, but sometimes I like Chrome to also remember them.

@ Jordan: off to try it right now, too... myself smiley
@ Liz: i don't right them down and at a "tad" over 40 smiley my memory isn't always what it used to be. what really stinks is if for some reason my chrome locks up or crashes or i have to clear stuff out to make a site work... i have lost them before, oppps and that's a fun few weeks trying to remember or request pw resets after too many attempts. smiley

@ Jordan: Ok so... Chrome did allow me to save the pw for this site, but it still didn't auto load it when I went to log in like it normally would... so maybe somehow once you get the pop up to be recognized by chrome, it will then auto load the pw when we enter our username as usual??? good luck! smiley

For keeping track of passwords, I would recommend LastPass. You can install it on all your devices/computers, and it will remember passwords for you, like Chrome/Firefox do, but it's more secure than letting your browser remember the passwords, and you can share all your passwords between all your browsers/computers/etc.

Moving this to the new Feature Request forum.

I'll talk to the hubby before adding it... He always warns me to be careful adding new things so I don't get "bad" stuff on my laptop. smiley
and then I'll see if that helps me any once I do it and let you know. smiley Thanks!

THANK you for mentioning this. I have hoped this would happen soon.

And I would love it if I wasn't kicked out "due to inactivity". It would be great to have a box to check that says, "keeep me logged in". Thanks.

I'm glad to see this on the planned list. Continually having to log in is a bit of a bother when I can only get 5 minutes on the computer to do my downloads before a kid wants to take it over. Thanks! Looking forward to that one.

Thank you for the software link! I, too, use Chrome, and nothing else has worked to save my password for this site. Maybe this software will do the trick!

I'm excited that this is on your TODO list. Everyday when I log in, I wish I had some some pixie dust to keep me logged in! Just lazy I guess...

BUMP. Another one.