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Brand new here, but have been digi scrapping for a while now. Besides the scrap booking I find fun designs, like cute butterflies and fairies or castles and princesses, I print them out large and cut and put them on my kids' walls for decoration.

As glue and me don't go well together, I welcomed DS in my life. Made lots of DS kits, layouts and the occasional FB header, but designing kits is what I love most. I've made my very first (paper) Artist Trading Cards a few months ago and I'm thinking of trying a hybrid ATC.
I've used DS graphics for my photo-albums - the ones you create online and get them delivered on paper - and they turned out really nice, so I'll definitely keep doing that.

I love everyone's ideas! I love digital, but sometimes I get a bit antsy and can't sit in front of the computer to craft, so I love thinking up other options. I can't craft like I used to due to my illness, but I still like the feel of tangible items in my hands. I get vertigo daily, so the computer can make me all sorts of dizzy, lol. smiley

I use mine for email stationary, signature tags, wallpapers for the puter, and printouts for miniatures (my other crafty hobby)!

I use my ever increasing digi stash for so many hybrid projects, making nice backgrounds for cards, ATC's, custom made boxes for large book cards and have just started playing around with art journaling, I also print out nice background papers & putting them in folders with samples of stamps that go well with them, so when the mood takes me I have everything to hand for a particular project, because for some reason I seem to play around with ideas for ever and then it leaves me really short of time for actually making a birthday card in time for someones birthday smiley

I also love playing with inks & paints and learning new techniques and ways to use them, I'm building up a nice little stash of pretty backgrounds too:-) I also enjoy making home furnishings and bags with images from some of my photos transferred onto calico and made into the focal point. I enjoy the practical aspect of planning how a bag will come together. I also enjoy cross stitch and tapestry & have more than one cross stitch/tapestry project on the go. Plus I have also just started a small patchwork quilt, (whew!!) as the nights are now getting dark so early, I thought it would be good to do in front of the tv when I get home from work.

I enjoy making toppers for candy bags, and cards, and tags to print for presents.

Afghans, baby blankets, girls' and dog hair accessories, bowties for boys smiley

I make cards, decorative boxes and decorative wallhangings.

I've never thought of making desktop backgrounds with the kits, but it's a marvelous idea.. thanks everyone.