What do you use to make YouTube tutorials?

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What do you use to make YouTube tutorials?

Marisa, I was wondering if you or somebody else could suggest software for recording your computer screen when making Tutorials?

My Dad has done a ton of scanning of my grandmothers photos, and I gave my mom some scrapbooking software for Christmas. I use Gimp, which both my Dad and brother use some...but not necessarily for scrapbooking. Dad and I can often be found on Skype screen-sharing through one task or another on the computers. But I was thinking of just making some videos for reference.

Is there anything out there available for free? with Audio or without?

CamStudio Info & Free Download: http://download.cnet.com/CamStudio/3000-13633_4-10067101.html

Camtasia Studio: My husband swears by this being the best out there but it's about $300
You can get a 30 day trial here at CNET: http://download.cnet.com/Camtasia-Studio/3000-13633_4-10665109.html
and here's their website:http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html

I'm sure there are tons others out there but these are the two my husband the computer guy recommends. smiley

I also use Camtasia Studio.

Well, I'm back...
CamStudio info was back in 2009, so I wanted to do some more investigating, and all I'm seeing is telling me that it works with Windows XP (which I used to have) and Windows 7...but none of what I saw indicates that it will function in Windows 8. I've tried a bunch of our old software and VERY FEW will run under Windows 8.

Anyone know if CamStudio will really work in Windows 8?