Embroidery Look in Digital Scrapping

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Embroidery Look in Digital Scrapping

Does anyone out there know how to do this in digital scrapbooking? I have this tool set from We R Memory Keepers for my traditional paper scrapping and have done many a cross stitch way back when. I would love to know how to do something like this on my digital layouts but I have no idea how to do it or where to start. There is a video on the new circle tool, but if you scroll down the page you'll see the original ones like I have. smiley

Stitching is something I've been working at for a while, and haven't quite come up with a foolproof method that I like the look of.

These stitching actions from Mommyish are pretty good: http://www.sugarhillco.com/shop/CU-Stitching-Actions-for-Photoshop-CS/

This is purely cross stitching, but I guess it also works on other shapes... Tip: type in 'stitching' on his homepage; you'll get loads of new ideas!


Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

There this embroidery font too, if anyone is interested


Graphic River has a lot of "stitching" actions. I have downloaded four or five of them and have been pleased. They are fairly cheap, around $4, and easy to use. Some of them come with .psd files you can use instead of the actions, depending on what you are trying to do.

Here's a cross stitch action which happens to have been created by PSDude and then here's a list of others

Wow!!! Thanks ladies for all these great tips... I will have to check each of them out! I knew you all would know where I needed to go. smiley

The font Emily pointed out is the one I used for some words on December blogtrain. I also have 2 brush sets for stitching installed:


This one was freebie, but now it isn´t anymore:

You gals are awesome, so much information, thank you.

Try Statchoo they also have heaps of other freebies

Deviant Art also has brushes but beware this link will take you to a search page that also includes sutures

@Liz: Thanks so much! The ones at statchoo that you shared... and another sample I found of what exactly I want to learn to do, is how she turned the butterflies and hearts etc into the stitched/embroidered shape like on this page. I wish there was a tutorial on how to do this with the shapes and/or brushes. I have no idea how to do it. lol

@Marisa: hint, hint smiley when you do figure it out. lol

@Lorien, I tried to go to her shop but it appears that it's not up and running? Such a bummer! I found this set of stitches as well. Love them!

Wahooo....I figured out how to do it. I started out with this tutorial. It took a bit of digging to get some of the steps (wasn't familiar with some of the terms) but I figure it out.

These were the things that I had to look up...
- To reduce (or in my case enlarge the selection you go to select, then down to modify, then to down to expand/contract. You'll need to play around with the amount you expand/contract.
- When I clicked on the paths pallet it was blank. This threw me for a little while (feel a bit silly about that now). After clicking it, go to the upper right hand corner of the pallet and click the tiny arrow. Then you'll be able to go down to 'make a work path'. You'll find 'stroke path with brush' in that same drop down menu as well.

Hope this helps. smiley

Wow...I've looked at a few of the links y'all have shared. Thanks. I too love to sew and would like to be able to add this to my digital scrapping.

I ran across this pack of brushes. I think the price is very reasonable considering the amount of brushes included (156). So many possibilities!

As well as this one...

Both kits are on sale until the beginning of February.

Oh, and the bonus is that both kits are CU friendly. smiley

@Janet: I like the second set best... smiley And thanks for sharing the tutorial, too!

Great info ladies, keep it coming! Now I just need to figure out how PSDude made this action...


I wrote a tutorial quite a while ago for digital cross stitch. It's a little different looking the PSDude. This is how it looks. Is this what you're looking for?

I searched on google to see if I could find a tutorial but didn't find any that turned out as well as his action does. smiley

Oh wow...Jenn to the rescue! I swear you are insanely knowledgeable!!

You're so sweet. You always say the sweetest things.

@Jenn: Lovely cross-stitches there! But I meant how he filled up the flower with stitches, I can't seem to get my head around that. Does the action fill the flower with a cross-stitch pattern? But then, how do you get all those different colour variations? Ugh...

Are your stitches still up for grabs somewhere? I love the texture on them.

Oh that's easy... Save the single stitch as a pattern. Then fill your designs with the stitch pattern to the size you like. (put the fill to 0). Oh heck... Give me a bit and I'll make you a tutorial. That would be easier than trying to explain myself. Can ou give me a bit?

I am posting a freebie tonight with another cross stitch pattern. I will post the stitch when I do the tutorial.

Thanks Jenn, you're a doll!!

how awesome!!! I was curious about the very same thing how to fill the shapes in... with cross stitching. smiley

I bought this stitching bundle a while back and use them all the time. They look realistic and I like how there are squares, circles as well as straight. Plus she has an assortment of different types of stitches.


Here are 3 tutorials (I'm working on the 4th right now and hope to have it done this weekend. It will show you closer to the action you showed me)
2 cross stitch tutorials & a stitch tutorial (with follow along & freebie examples included)

WOW Jenn, you really know EVERYTHING don't you?! Thank you so much, I'm going to play with this right now! smiley