about the Home page and the current release

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about the Home page and the current release

I don't understand how a person knows what to download for the "currently releasing assets for Lets Fall in Love Kit".

How do I know which pieces to download that belong with that kit. I mean, I can see the elements, but there must be a go to spot?


Right now there's no easy way to see exactly what pieces belong to a kit. We're working on that! Right now you can just browse assets, and all the most recent ones belong together. They're also tagged with "fall" so you can search for that. I promise we have a better solution in mind smiley

I would really to see a picture of all the kit elements & papers together. You have a picture for the latest kit on your homepage, so that is good. (But it would be better if I could enlarge it.) I can't find pictures like that for the older kits/sets. I think I saw them on your old site, but I'm not certain. I realize that I can use tags to find the pieces for each kit, but it would really help me decide what to download if I could see the kit overall.

A temporary solution to get previews of each kit....some of them can be obtained on Pixelscrapper Facebook page.
Just click on the image you want and at the bottom of the photo under options; click download.

I have a bunch of previews here in my flickr account. I realize that's not ideal, and we are working on a better solution. Maybe I can make a temporary page. Also, just FYI, none of the alphas are currently available on the site, but they will be!

I am loving the colours of your Halloween kit (heart)

@Marisa -- Loving the new "kits" tab at the top! Can't wait for you to get all of it uploaded. smiley


Thanks for putting up the kits section. It makes it a lot easier to see at a glance what goes together.