Virus scanner giving incorrect "Decompression Bomb" warning

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Virus scanner giving incorrect "Decompression Bomb" warning

I just downloaded: marisa-lerin_7744_stripe-paper-template-kit-51-60_cu

When I put it through the virus scanner I got a message that said "some files could not be scanned". When I clicked for more details it stated that the individual file: marisa-lerin-stripes.59 couldn't be scanned. The error message stated: The file is a decompression bomb. When you see the word bomb it can't be good. smiley Did a little research and it has something to do with it being an extremely large file that could crash the entire system. How big is this file? How much memory is it going to chew up? I'd hate to think that I wasted daily credits on a file that I won't even be able to unzip. Can you provide any guidance here?


I noticed you got the cu version. I downloaded the pu version and there was nothing in that, it is a small file to download and the opened folder is under 39 megs. Somewhere when downloading the file something must have attached to it. Since mine is clean. I would not take a change on opening it. Check online and see if you are able to still download the file. If you can, try downloading it again and have your virus scanner check it before opening the file to see if the same thing happens.

I would also suggest that you run your virus scanner and any other program that checks for spy ware and Trojans.

There shouldn't be any difference between the PU & CU download. I downloaded the file with no problem, and it isn't very big as Judy said.

Hi Lisa, sorry for your troubles smiley. The file is a regular zip file with images inside: there is nothing wrong with it, and it is not a decompression bomb.

Have you received this message before with other Pixel Scrapper downloads? Have you downloaded kits before? Most likely this is an issue with your virus scanner (what scanner are you using?), or you may possibly have a virus or spyware on your computer. You can try re-downloading the file to see if it was an issue with an incomplete download, but if you get the same warning then it is an issue with your computer or virus scanner.

If it's an issue with your virus scanner, then it is safe to go ahead and open the file anyway, but if you don't want to do that we can give you your download credits back so you can use them on something else. Keep us posted, and hopefully we can work this out smiley

Sorry it has taken me so long to check back.

Judy, it is when I ran it through my virus software that it said there was a decompression bomb within the file.

Jordan, I've never encountered this message or had any problems with downloading other files at Pixel Scrapper or anywhere else for that matter. I have downloaded kits here before as well. I scanned it using Avast and that is when I got the message. I use Avast plus am daily checking for virus/trojans with another program just to be doubly sure. I'd like to try and re-download it but it won't let me unless I donate. The problem appears to be with template 59 and I don't think I can just go in and extract parts of the file, can I?

Any other suggestions?

Hi Lisa: you should be able to re-download kits for free, regardless of whether you donate or not. Try going back to the kit page here. It should have a message saying that you already downloaded it, but that you can download it again for free if you want.

Lisa have you read this about decompression bombs

Thanks Liz, it does explain what a decompression bomb is. Typically not a bad thing. It also seems to be something that Avast shows up. This can be a problem if there is actually a problem with a file.

I'm so sorry it takes me so long to get back in here. It was actually funny as soon as I left the last message stating that I had never had any problems with downloading other files at Pixel Scrapper, I downloaded my latest kit that night and got another 'decompression bomb message'. I guess I'm not going to worry about it. After reading about decompression bombs I wasn't as much worried about a virus having attached itself as just the possible amount of space it may take. So I am going to try and go ahead and unzip these two files.

Jordan, as far as being able to re-download the kit, this is the message I get: You downloaded this item for commercial use on Jan 24 2013. Unfortunately your ability to freely re-download has expired. If you wish to download this item again you will need to pay the regular number of download credits.

Sometimes I've seen messages stating that if I want to re-download it I need to donate. Other times I've been given a limit as to how long I have to download it for free and other times, I can't redownload it even the very next day.

I'm also curious as to why suddenly I am no longer able to download kits. I had downloaded several and even though I have the credits to do so it is now saying:
"Because of the large file sizes, full kit downloads are reserved for people who have made donations to Pixel Scrapper. Get access to all kit downloads by donating now!"

When did this change? The weird thing is that if I were to go back to that page that you are referring to Jordan, the Stripe Paper Template Kit (51-60) which I already downloaded once, it will allow me to download that one again. So my question is why do I now have to donate to download the others? I'm a tad confused.

Hi Lisa, sorry for the confusion. The issue with kit downloads is that the file sizes are generally quite large, and we weren't getting enough donations to cover transferring all the downloads. So we have reserved full kit and bundle downloads for those who have supported the site by donating. Of course, all the kit items can still be downloaded individually for free by anyone.

Any time we make a change like that, you'll find a post about it in the site updates and announcements forum. Click here to read more about this particular change...

You should still be able to re-download any kits that you have downloaded for free, for up to two weeks.

I've granted you enough extra download credits to go ahead and re-download that kit, since the time has expired.

I hope that all makes sense. Let us know if you have any further questions smiley