ISO Peace signs or tween kits for girls

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ISO Peace signs or tween kits for girls

Hi, my friend asked me to design a birthday invitation for her little girl. She told me the party is like peace signs and girly stuff. Has anyone seen any kits like this or just a peace sign freebie anywhere?

Thanks Shawna, those are great!

I decided to make my own! Ha, I've never done that before, but I did it and I actually like what I made. Now I'll just hope it was what my friend had in mind. smiley

That's great! Let Me know what she thinks, love to see it when you're done; if she doesn't mind you sharing it like a layout... smiley

It's nothing very fancy, but my guidelines were pink, peace signs, and have it done in two days. smiley After looking at all those great links you listed, I realized a peace sign would be pretty easy to design myself. So here's what I came up with:

My friend said it was perfect, and her little girl called me later to thank me because she loved it so much.

that's so sweet that her daughter called you to say thanks! smiley looks great glad you figured it out and got it done in time. smiley

@Kimberly: that invitation looks cute! smiley Glad your friend's daughter liked it, too.

Sweet invitation design and I'm sure any tween girl would love it.

ah, those peace-signs remind me of when I was sixteen smiley Fun invitation!