Allow users to keep track of completed tutorials

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Allow users to keep track of completed tutorials

Is there a way to see the tutorials I have viewed so I don't keep reviewing them unless I want to? I waste a lot of time clicking and looking.

My suggestion would be that you get a small notebook and list the ones that you have read. I know I keep a pad of paper with my scrapping stuff and refer back to lists such as this on a regular basis.

Most Windows OS has sticky notes. Each time you view a video, copy the title and paste it to a sticky note and keep adding it to the list. Or if you have Excel or a good spread sheet program do the same. This makes for a quick reference and keeps everything digital.

A point to consider is also making notes as to if you would like to view again, etc.

Thanks for the thought, Geri: that's definitely something to think about. Our current system, having the tutorials in the forums, is kind of a temporary solution. We're looking to create a better system in the future, and we'll definitely think about this.

For the time being, you can try the ideas that Janet and Judy have suggested (thanks guys!).

If anyone else has any further thoughts on this, please let us know!