Question: How do you color greyscale?

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Question: How do you color greyscale?

I am trying to use CU products, and I don't know how to color greyscale without it looking tinted. How do I color it so the greyscale has rich colors such as red instead of tinted pink?

Your answers will be greatly appreciated. smiley

I'd love to know also!

If you're using Photoshop, right click on the layer mask and you can go up to blending options. Once there, you can try different blending modes (there will be a drop down menu toward the top). I would start with multiply, overlay, soft light, or color. Others may work...but those are the ones I tend to have the best luck with. Also, you can get some neat results if you do subtract (won't look anything like what you expect). If things still don't look right, many times I play around with the levels until I see what I'm looking for (with dark colors often need to slide the right slider - highlights - to the left quite a bit).

Thank you so much! I'll give it a try. smiley

Good luck. smiley

Another way is to create a new layer above the layer you're trying to color. While on the empty layer ctrl+click the layer you want to color. This will create a - Ah heck... Give me a minut and I'll write you a quick tutorial and post it for you.

I'm looking forward to seeing that as well Jenn!

Here are 3 various tutorial (2 I already had & 1 I just put together for you).
I hope they help you! smiley

You can also open the image in camera raw before opening Photoshop. If you go to the Photoshop forum to the Tutorial sticky on top and scroll down you will find a couple of tutorials on how to use Camera Raw. Or you can go here for the CS6 tutorial for Camera Raw. A nice place to change a color picture to gray scale.

Thank you everyone for your helpful tips!