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Looking for New Designers

I have a very exciting opportunity for you to consider! In the next few weeks we hope to introduce one or two new designers to Pixel Scrapper. With their help we plan to work through the design upload process and begin a design community. Once we've worked out the kinks in the system, we'll gradually be adding more designers.

Here's where you come in, if you've been a part of the community for a while, and are looking for a way to give back, this is a great chance! Or if you’re a new designer, looking to get your foot in the door, this could be great for you too! We'll begin adding new designers after the new year, so this gives you some time to consider the following and work on your designs!

Things to Consider

1. I am looking for designers who are committed to uploading assets and/or templates several times a week. It doesn’t have to be a large selection; regular new content is preferred, even if in small amounts. (The site does have the ability to schedule new items for future release. I find that uploading to the new site is a relatively quick and painless process.)

2. The licensing on this site is one size fits all, for the convenience and ease of everyone in the community. There are no special considerations or special limits: you will need to accept these licenses for your items (though you can certainly let me know if you have any special concerns). This means that you need to be the original creator or have full unlimited commercial use rights to anything you upload. Note that you will keep full copyright and ownership of all your designs.

3. Designers who can take an active role in the forums would be much appreciated.

4. The system is still in the process of being worked out, so you should be prepared for small glitches and bugs and willing to work with us to sort those out.

5. Currently we are not set up to offer designers any monetary reward. This opportunity is primarily to help the Pixel Scrapper community grow, and give you as a designer exposure to new people. However, once we get our donation system set up and working, we hope to create a kind of co-op system, where donations will be distributed to all Pixel Scrapper designers, based on how many downloads their items receive. If you become a designer now, we would hope to work with you to implement this system.

6. We don’t currently have any quality standards for designs, although I hope to come up with such a list soon.

Reasons to Join

1. If you’ve been downloading from Pixel Scrapper for a while, it’s a way to give back, and say thank you.

2. It’s a way to gain exposure in the digital scrapbooking community. PixelScrapper.com has had the good fortune to become a fairly popular website. Google is still processing our site restructuring, which is currently limiting our traffic, but during the last year we have averaged over 75,000 visits per month, and have served over 1 million file downloads to date. And we've got big plans to keep growing!

3. It’s going to be a lot of fun smiley

To Apply

If you'd like to apply now, I'll keep you on the waiting list for future designers. Please read the following directions carefully, we take community involvement seriously and that includes convincing us that you've taken the time to read and consider what we've written.

Before applying you should join the Pixel Scrapper community if you haven't already, and be sure your profile follows our expectations. Also community members with higher community involvement will be considered first when the time comes. We want our designers to love it here as much as we do!

Please send the following to me at marisa.lerin@pixelscrapper.com, with "Designer Application" in the subject line.

  1. A link to your blog or other display of your work as a designer.
  2. A paragraph introducing yourself (including your regular life and your history with digital scrapbooking)
  3. A short response to the considerations listed above (1-6), either in list format or short paragraph form. (I just want to know that you've read and thought about all the considerations)

We look forward to hearing from you!

awesome opportunity!!! i'm not a designer but can't wait to see some of the other amazing talent in this community! smiley

Wow! If I could follow the rhytim, I´d like to try, but I am very slow on that smiley

Oh that's so tempting but i think i'm to green smiley But i would love to share the stuff i do, but in my own time smiley

I'm agree with you Jessica!!! Maybe we can share our stuff in the forum and you Marisa or another one, pick some to upload at the site... It's only a idea...

Well, once we get the kinks worked out the system and find a couple regular designers, we can open it up to people who want to add stuff more casually.

it's a great idea!! I'm not a designer but I make sometimes templates or collab and I'd love to share it here too!

I love that idea. I am not a designer yet, but would like to start. Unfortunately, I just started a new job and don't have time to learn all of the skills that I need. I look forward to seeing the creations from the new designers.

eek! i sent you my info

Shelly: Did you send me an email about being a designer? If you did, I didn't get it. Although, I'm confusing myself and feeling like I did get it, but at least I can't find it. Too much going on. If you did email me, could you send it again? marisa.lerin@pixelscrapper.com Thanks!

I just sent you an email regarding this! smiley

hi marisa, sent it again for you smiley

@Shelly: I still haven't gotten your email. It's not in my spam folder. I'm not sure what's happening. Why don't you try my gmail: marisa.lerin@gmail.com

Great opportunity, I am seriously thinking about this, but I am just missing free time smiley

I would love to participate in this.......Will move my stuff to an area you can look at.......I don't currently have a website or store.

Sent you an email. Let me know if it doesn't reach you.


@Shelly: I finally got your email

@Sunny: I didn't get your email.

If you both wouldn't mind checking the emails you sent that didn't arrive to be sure you sent them to the right address (marisa.lerin@pixelscrapper.com) I'm trying to understand where the email is going wrong.

Sunny, you can try emailing my gmail too: marisa.lerin@gmail.com

Marisa - Sent it again to both of your emails. I double-checked the first email address, and it was correct - I just think there must be a delay of some kind going on. No worries!

Applications are still being accepted, but I'm going to close this thread. Please email me any questions, comments and applications.

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