Share Your Favorite Layer Styles

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Share Your Favorite Layer Styles

Following my blog post here about layer styles, I thought it would be see what your favorites are. Or any other tips you might have for using them.

Looking forward to learning a lot about layer styles from the very knowledgeable scrappers who post here.

Drop shadow is my favourite by far! And color overlay, set to 'color' blend mode. And I have figured out how to do cool things with 'stroke'. Heck, I love ALL layer styles ;-D

Here's an interesting glass style:

I'm totally inlove with all muti usefule styles smiley Just like the one Marisa is showing smiley so styles like, glass, acrylic, edged, and so on smiley So i can use it for many things smiley And ofc dropshadows, how can we live without them? smiley

Our own Pixel Scrapper member Heather Green has some of the best styles around, and lots of them. I especially love her Turquoise styles. You can find all of her stuff here on her Deviant Art Page (be sure to look at the 2 page and beyond) as well as on her blog. A lot of her stuff is 'use how ever you want' and some of it is personal only. I bought her very reasonably priced CU license so I get to use anything on her site without having to worry about it. And that makes me happy.

Layer styles are sure nifty and fast! Megan Turnidge has some drop shadow styles along with a real thorough tutorial.