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FREEBIES PU: Sweet Dreamer Designs

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing really well this week. I just came out with another kit called "American Hero." I have a couple of borders that I'd like to share with you. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed making the kit. I partially used Marisa's Army kit. So thank you Marissa!!

Here is a download link to the borders:

Here is a picture of my kit:

I'm selling the kit at Wilma4ever. This is the link to my store:

About this kit it sells for $3.99 and has 162 .png elements, and 42 backgrounds:

Every item in this kit is Army themed.
There are 162 png elements is this kit. This doesn't include the Uppercase, symbols and numbers alpha.

Please note as follows:

42 Backgrounds
2 boots
1 hat
2 helmets
5 patches
2 shirts
1 short
6 bottle caps
9 buttons
44 flowers
8 frame corners (2 sets)
18 frames
4 greenery
Uppercase alpha
1 quick page
21 misc elements
5 bows
6 ribbons
8 transport
23 word arts


I have a Quick Page freebie that goes along with my "Spring Sings" kit. The kit has 168 elements and 24 papers. Here is a preview of my kit:

If interested, I am selling it at my store called MyMemories for $5.99.

Now here is a picture of your goodie...

You may download it here: Sweet Dreamer Designs

Your feed back is greatly appreciated. smiley


Here is an add-on that I created. I wanted you to have the chance to download it if you wish. I will be making a bigger kit using the same theme and colors. I hope you like it. smiley

Sweet Dreamer Designs



I just created another clipping mask for you to enjoy for your friends or family. You may download it here: Sweet Dreamer Designs

I hope all of you had either a good day or a good night's rest. I have another freebie for you that goes along with my "Game On" kit. There are directions inside on how to use a clipping mask for your photos inside the zip file. You may download the mask here - Sweet Dreamer Designs

Please feel free to download the contestants' kits and put your vote in. My kit's name is "Game On" by Sweet Dreamer Designs. Here is the VOTE link

Here is the place where you can download the contestants kits: Stuff to Scrap. Please be sure to vote for your favorite kit!



I am a little late in posting my add-on for the Designer Darling contest. But you may download the add-on kit that belongs to "Game On" at Sweet Dreamer Designs.

The voting poll is up for another 24 hours. Please feel free to download the contestants' kits and put your vote in. My kit's name is "Game On" by Sweet Dreamer Designs. Here is the VOTE link.

Add-on preview:

Happy Scrapping!

***********************Designer Darling*********************

As you may know, I entered the Designer Darling contest. Right now we are in Round 2. Now Round 2 they will be making cuts. I hope I get to make it past Round 2. Please post your comment and let me know what you think of my kit. smiley You may download my kit at Stuff to Scrap. Please be sure to vote for your favorite kit!

Here is a picture of my kit:


Here is a cluster that I created to go with my "Spring Ahead" mini. Please visit my blog to download. Go to Sweet Dreamer Designs - Blog.


Stuff to Scrap is having a designer contest. There are 4 rounds before they select a winner to work at their store. I entered the contest, but I don't think I'll get past round 2 since that is when they will be doing the eliminations. Anyhow, I have a free kit for you to download on the Stuff to Scrap's forum. You can download ALL of the designers' kits who entered the contest. Go to this link to download a mega load of kits: Stuff to Scrap

My kit is called "Spring Ahead"

Please vote for your favorite.


Tomorrow is my Birthday!! Yay!

I have a sweet mini kit for you called "First Kiss". I hope you enjoy. smiley To download please go to Sweet Dreamer Designs Facebook Page


Hi there!!!!

I have been off the radar lately. I finally managed to whip up a quick page freebee. It goes along with my "Be Mine Valentine" kit.

I am currently working towards my Associates Degree in Graphic Design, belong to 4 classes, and my old boss would like me to create 2 new websites for him. No rest for the weary.

Anyhow, I hope you like my quick page you may find it at this link: Sweet Dreamer Designs.

The quick page that I created belongs to my new kit called "Be Mine":

The kit comes with 10, 12x12 pretty .jpg pages along with 51 elements. I sell them separately as well as together.

Well I hope you enjoy your weekend. smiley


I hope you are all doing well. smiley I am looking forward to a bright new year! I hope you are too. I created a lowercase alpha that goes along with my "Lovely Lavender" kit. You may download it by going to my blog. Sweet Dreamer Designs



I hope you and your family had a very merry!

For my Lovely Lavender kit, I created an uppercase alpha to download. Please go to, and click on my blog to get it. Feel free to leave a comment, and tell me your thoughts. smiley

When aligning the letters, do a upper align and not a bottom one. If applying a bottom align, the letters will look all crazy.

Please go to Sweet Dreamer Designs, and click on my blog to get it. Feel free to leave a comment, and tell me what you think. smiley



I'm wishing you Happy Holidays! Family is here at the house, and I had a chance to scoot away and work on a kit. This kit is called "Lovely Lavender." Yes I had to give working on a kit another try. Hopefully I am getting better. Please know that this kit doesn't have any jaggies, stray pixels, gamut friendly, and each image is 300 dpi.

If by remote chance that you'd like to make a layout with "Lovely Lavender", feel free to share on this forum. smiley

To download..please visit my blog at: Sweet Dreamer Designs

300 dpi / S4H / S4O / PU only.



I created an element today. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to scrap it or trash it. It is 300 dpi, and PU/CU/S4H/S4O friendly.

You may download it here: Sweet Dreamer Designs


Yesterday is long in the past since I had no inspiration in creating paperclips for my lesson. Today, however, I decided to create a modern looking paperclip. This gave me inspiration to finish the lesson smiley There is a total of five paperclips in all for you to either scrap it or trash it. CU/PU/S4U Friendly. Please enjoy. smiley

You may download the paperclips at this link: Sweet Dreamer Designs


Today's session was to decorate a paperclip. Although interesting, I wasn't inspired. Instead I created an alphabet for you to enjoy. You may find it on my blog at Sweet Dreamer Designs. Each letter is an individual 300 dpi png images. I hope you enjoy!

Oh yes, PU/CU/S4H friendly.


Today I worked on Lesson 7. For homework, we had to make a cloud filter paper. Well...I went on making a cloud filter paper, grunge paper, felt paper, and so on. So I came up with 24 papers, all for you to "scrap it" or "trash it." Either way is OK with me. The papers are 300 dpi, and 12" x 12" or 3600 px x 3600 px.

By the way, yesterday's brags were made to go along with these papers. Please see the following papers that I created...

If you would like to go to my blog and download these papers, feel free to at this link: Sweet Dreamer Designs.

PU, CU, S4H friendly. smiley


12/20/12 - Lesson 6: Today I learned how to create a brag from Hummie's lesson, and how not to have jaggies. Jaggies!? I did not even know what they were, now I know. smiley

Anyhow, this is the brags that I will leave up on my website for anyone if they wish, to download for their PU/S4H/CU.

Sweet Dreamer Designs

I hope you have a terrific day/eve!

With sincerest regards,


Hi Sharon,
smiley your heart paisley and owl designs
I couldn't access your site, it seems that you have forgotten to add the : in your address


should be

Hey, Those are beautiful brads. You sure topped that lesson. And thanks for the freebies!

Thank you, Liz for correcting my website address along with your compliment!

Thank you, Sunny! I think you are the star pupil of the class. smiley

Sharon, just discovered your site via this link. Thank you so much for the fun brads. I look forward to checking out your site in more detail. I design greeting cards and am getting interested in digital scrapbook design as well. This is a whole new world!

great work on the items. Love the owl pattern you used.

Very cute! I like the chevrons and the owl!

Pretty! Thank you. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the blog!


I hope it's ok with you if I change the title of your post to "My day-by-day training as a designer (plus freebies!)"? That way, if you have any future freebies and musings about your trainingday, you can just add them to this post. That way we can easily 'track' you and avoid a clutter in the forum. Ofcourse, don't feel obligated to post here every day! smiley

I love following your training route by the way! Already spent quite a few minutes reading your blog. So do keep it coming please!

Nice Job! Tanks for sharing

You are welcome, Sherri! I hope you use the pages that I created, eventually my class will turn this kit into a bundle. smiley

So pretty, love the color scheme!! Thank you!

Sharon, you have a fantastic color scheme going for this kit! Love it! And honestly, you don't need "Training", because your designs are so professional and beautiful. You are rocking the lessons! My humble design results are just that - humble, compared to your fun "stuff". Looking forward to the rest of your amazing creations. Thanks for sharing them.

Hi Faith!

It is I who think that you do not need any training! Your designs are FANTASTIC! It is I that should thank you for your kind compliments. I owe everything up to you. If I had not found you on Hummie's World I do not think I would have of stuck to it. Nonetheless, I truly am enjoying this magnificent journey. smiley

I agree. I love the colors. TYFS! smiley
Great work!

Thank you!

I really like those papers! Snagged those smiley Thanks!

Ooooh, those papers are beautiful! thank you!

Beautiful kits!!! Thank you so much and I've added your store to my favorites list in my web bar smiley

You have great talent. Love your designs. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your kindness everyone. smiley

Your jeweled frame is fabulous. Very professional looking.

Thank you very much, Harriett! smiley

Gorgeous frame!! thank you so much!!

You are quite welcome! I am glad that you like it. smiley It will be included with my new kit that I am currently designing called "Soft Whisper".

I can't wait to see the kit! I'm sure it will be a gorgeous kit!!

Well that stinks, I missed the frame. smiley It looks gorgeous from here. smiley

All very nice~! smiley

Awww how sweet! Thank you very much, Shelly. smiley

Adorable little one you have. smiley

Cute and pretty designs, do you have any for commercial use?