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Working on user metrics

As some of you know, Marisa and I have a rather large to do list related to Pixel Scrapper. Actually, we have several lists, and they have gotten rather out of control. In addition to server administration and bug fixes and support requests we have a large number of new features we want to implement on the site (you've suggested some great ideas in the feature request forum), and it's hard to know where to begin.

We want to fix the bugs that are most critical, implement the features that people want most, and update our help system where people are most confused. We need to focus on the most important items, because our to do lists are too long to attack in a haphazard way: we don't want to spend a lot of time implementing feature X when people really want feature Y right now, and bug Z is causing people to leave the site.

To help us know where to focus, I'm going to spend some time implementing a data-crunching system that will tell us more about how people are using the site, what aspects they find most valuable, and where the biggest problems are. This system is going to take some time to set up (probably one to two weeks to get the initial metrics in place), and will put a hold on new features being implemented for a while, but my hope is that it will allow us to work more efficiently and productively later on.

Please realize that we are not ignoring your feature requests! Every feature request is important to us, and I will get to that list just as soon as I get these metrics in place. Thank you for your patience smiley

I always say that communication is key and I think you and Marisa are doing a wonderful job on this site doing that. Hopefully everyone understands what a huge job it is running a site like this and you will not only have faithful followers but an abundance of newcomers too!

I can't even imagine what a huge undertaking this site must be for you guys!

Take your time Jordan and Marisa! Having worked for a communication and IT department before retirement I totally understand the task you are under! It took us more than ten years to polish my fiscal management computer system to have it perform to its fullest. And please, don't forget that you two need to have a "life" too through the process!

Thanks for all you do!

Thanks, you guys are amazing!!

I have so many things to take care of I am having a hard time finding a place to start and I don't have that much going on. Therefore, I know it must be more difficult for you guys to have a moment of free time. I wish you guys luck in your renovations.

You are both really great at communication and customer service! Thank you.

You two are awesome! I can't imagine the amount of behind the scenes work that goes on. Take your time and thank you again for all of your hard work. smiley

smiley Thanks Jordan for always care of us!

I think you are doing such a great job! You and Marisa are a golden team. I really like the idea of the site and I watched it becomes this great thing in 3 years. And good work needs time! smiley We just need to stay tuned, relax, create and enjoy the ride!

Thanks for all the hard work. This site is one of my favorites!

I think it's funny that you are both using the word "haphazard" in the two most recent posts and I had never heard of that word before. haha

Well, this is taking a bit longer than expected... thanks everyone for your patience smiley


I could not login for a while.
When I tried to in my browser chrome(Version 25.0.1364.68 beta) on a Mac(10.8.2) this window popped up and it had this message below.
Besides this when i am on the 'home' page there is a grey border at the top with the word 'Navigation' in it. it's clickable. it will go away and come back up again. I will try to take a screen shot.

An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 200
Debugging information follows.
Path: /modal_forms/ajax/login
StatusText: OK
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Hi Christine, sorry to hear that. Are you still experiencing trouble?

Hi Jordan, Christine,

I have had the exact same login error message a couple of times these last weeks! It seems to happen when I open the forum, then go back to home and login (I sometimes forget I need to login to see all the latest buzz in the forum smiley). I use the same browser, with the same Mac OS (yay for mac-users Christine, nice to meet you!). I have noticed that the problem usually disappears when I close the site and re-open it.

Related to this problem (I think, since I got the same error in the end) is a glitch that occurs sometimes when I login while I am inside the forum. I am all logged in/no problem on the forum that I have logged into, but the minute I leave it to go to another part of the forum I am suddenly logged out! If I return to 'home' I am logged in again, but on re-entering the forum I am logged out... On entering any of the forums, I am logged in again (argh).

It all seems to go away on closing and re-opening the site, but it is a bit annoying, especially since I am a moderator, and thereby frequenting the forums smiley

I'm not on a Mac... PC here... but I have experienced something slightly similar in that once I log in and go to my profile, then hearts and try to return to the main page for the forums... I have to hit refresh a couple times for the site to pick up that I'm actually "logged" in. I haven't gotten the big mumbo jombo error though... just the little kink of hitting refresh to make it realize I'm really logged in. PS same thing happens if I go the blog and then return to the forums... but I don't have to actually re-enter any of my info (user id & pw) just hit refresh a couple times.

Don't know if that helps to fine tune figuring out the problem or adds to the confusion, but thought I'd share my experiences... smiley It's been an ongoing thing for about a month(ish) but once it figures out I'm really logged in it's no problem going in & out of one forum to another from the main list of forums.