Does anyone use Gimp?

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Does anyone use Gimp?

I have PSE 10 and was thinking about downloading Gimp because it has the pen tool. I used to use PSP and can't since I now have a Mac. I'm really missing that pen!

I use GIMP every so often, but usually just because someone asked me how to do something in GIMP. Its a lot like Photoshop. From what I've read, its basically Photoshop decompiled and then changed up a little bit. There are quite a few free tutorials out there for it so you wont' have any problems learning how to use it.

Thanks Cat! That is what I thought - I've also noticed a lot of brushes and tutorials on Deviant Art for Gimp. Since it's free I guess if I don't like it I can always hit "delete" smiley

Yep. I am a regular GIMP user, and I've been able to apply all photoshop tutorials I've tried, there is a learning curve, but I like it.

There is a thread on here somewhere that has a link to an older version of Photoshop (CS2 I think) for free from Adobe. smiley I'm not sure if it will run on the newer computers, but you could try it. I used Photoshop 7 for ages, but finally gave out and got CS5 just after it came out.

ETA: Here's the link from the other thread: Get Photoshop for Free

Thanks Emily! Cat for some reason I can't get CS2 to run on my Mac - I have OSX Lion - and I keep getting an error message so I gave up (sadly). Thanks for the link though! That's what made me think of Gimp. I'd rather have Photoshop, but it is too $$. Even the older versions are mega bucks ~

Yah, if I had the money I would totally buy photoshop, but I technically don't "need" it, so...

@Betsy - Isn't that a bummer about older software not running on Lion? Before Lion, Mac OS came with something called Rosetta, which let you run programs (like PSCS2) that were written for PowerPC rather than Intel computers. But they nixed it with Lion! So annoying! So now basically I can never upgrade my OS until I can afford a current version of Photoshop (mine is still the original CS from way way back).

For you Mac girls, doesn't it come with an emulator. I know in the PC world, I can get a program like VMWare and install and run different operating systems through it because it emulates the operating environment. You could use this to run the older version of PSCS if you have a working copy of the os that could run it. Might be a lot of work, but its a thought...

I use GIMP, a bit of a learning curve, but happy with it! Love that it will read .psd and brushes. I searched YOUtube for tutorials.

GIMP is official a LINUX software. I'm a hardcore Mac user but partly Linux because my husband is a Linux Software Architect on Intel's mobile platform. Before Intel he worked for a Linux distribution name SuSE later purchased by Novell. I used to volunteer in the Linux community and to write GIMP tutorials I had to use GIMP. It drove me crazy. I could not work with it. For me there, who was of course spoiled by the mac user interface, GIMP was too much of a Windows copy. The separate panels, instead of one integrated work space drove me insane and there were more issues. The fact that is was incredibly slow on my mac made me stop using it at all. If I had a relatively large file and would be working on it I could easily go to the kitchen make an espresso, come back and it was still working on it. smiley

GIMP might have improved over the years but I never liked it. Of course if I didn't have anything else I would use it, no doubt about that.

A good way to get 'new' to you software is to see if there is anyone who is selling their 'old' software. When I moved from PSE 10 to 11 I gave my PSE 10 to my daughter. My other versions from 3 on went to schools who could use them. But I figure there must be a market on Ebay or Craigslist where you can buy Software that still runs on the newer mac versions. I made the mistake of purchasing PSE 9 in the Apple store online not knowing that it was not the full version. It wasn't mentioned anywhere. I'll never make that mistake again and I buy them at Adobe who often has sales or coupons or at Amazon.

hi there, I think GIMP is a very useful software and so far GIMP works like Ps does i guess.. smiley

I took a look at Gimp, but found it just took too much to have to set up.

I use GIMP. I wanted to make sure I would actually stick with digital scrapping before I made a software investment. Now that I kind of now what I'm doing I haven't bothered to switch. There are some good tutorials out there. Maybe PS is way easier, but for now ignorance is bliss. smiley

Christine thanks for the info, I have a mac and it makes me a little nervous to download it now. I have Inkscape that I use on my mac and I hate it just because it seems twitchy and not all of the features seem to work well with my computer. That's been my experience so far with free-ware. The fact that Gimp could use PS stuff was enticing though. I'll keep thinking about it...

I wish that Corel would make PSP compatible with mac - I was so sad when I switched over from windows that I had to leave it behind. I keep sending e-mails to customer service pleading but so far no luck smiley