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Design Requests

I'm in a bit of a creative slump at the moment, and I was just wondering if anyone had any particular ideas about designs that are missing from the site, what you would like to see. I may or may not make it, but I was curious to hear what you were wanting...please be as specific as you can.

I would love to see some more 'figures' like cute animals or kids/people. I miss 'objects'. You already have lots of embellishments like flowers and buttons, I think a cute little pandabear every now and then would liven things up smiley

Could you do a tutorial on quality control regarding elements? How do you go about fixing jaggies on your brads, for example? Also, maybe you could make some metal elements, like screws, nails, tacks, photo frames, photo corners, etc? Some shiny, some rusty? Also, how about a corkboard kit, with fun stickpins and items to pin to it?

I want papers to use with dogs and cats pictures! (well, I always want them, as 60% of my scraps or more are about my 5-cats gang :p)

I also realised yesterday that I need a kit with something like Dark blue, blue dark red, gray, cream, black and white colors. The only kit that I found with these colors is the DST DEC 2011 blog train... But I think I need to think better about this idea, and maybe make a kit myself or propose as a blog train theme if we are going to have other ones smiley

Oh, I remembered another thing: I need a couple of elements with retro/steampunk trains :p

I second Melouise in the suggestion of unique objects. You could go through kids' milestones to get ideas -- first haircut (scissors, barber pole), first tooth lost (teeth, fairy/fairy wand), first steps (shoes, footsteps), first day of school (rulers, pens/pencils, backpacks), first car/driver's license (license, keys, car).

My Wish List

1. Glitter trails, glimmering fairy dust, sparkly scatters and shimmering, magical effects.
2. Opposite to that, I'd love to have some tattered burlap to use as a border layer or photo mat, to add some ruggedness to a page.
3. Some "torn" paper templates

Thanks, Marisa!


I love the steampunk type items idea, but probably is more of an element(s) type items/pack! Also, maybe some felted elements... painted type overlays... maybe a wedding kit... or anniversary kit... cameras, camera, more cameras (lol)... as I think of more I'll come back. smiley

@Lorien.... I ran across some "cat papers" today on a website called and they are only 25 cents for the pack. Just go to the website and type "feline" under the search window. I'll be on the lookout for dog paper and let you know if I come across any.

Yes Shawna, FELT!!! I love felt items!

I really like the burlap idea too... maybe elements made of something like that with themed stamps to a kit???

@Tracey - thank you very much for the hint smiley

@Lorien: Cinnamon Scraps is giving away a huge cat-themed kit in her newsletter tomorrow. I think you need to subscribe by tonight, or soon, at least: (Scroll down until you see the tan kit, that's the cat one).

I have been looking for a typewriter, a telephone, and cameras for commercial use if you are still in need of ideas and if that is something you can make! It can be realistic or clipart-ish or a PSD template for example.

I would love to see more style sets! I am a styles junkie, I think I have every glitter set you've done at this point. But maybe if you use some of the other fantastic suggestions from above, you could turn some of the textures into styles? I'd love more felt styles and burlap styles would be cool, too! I'd also LOVE to have corrugated cardboard styles. My favorite styles are the ones that use color overlays so that I can change the colors to match my palettes.

I am up for glitter and felt.... ummm and art journaling.... (sorry I had to go there)

A travel kit would be useful to me. Planes, luggage, tickets, cars, road signs, etc. Something that could be used for both air travel and road trips. A few different styles come to mind - photo realistic, sketchy outlines, painted cartoon or clip art style.
Kid's activities are always useful when scrapping 8 grand kids. I haven't been able to find a Girl Scout kit. Another kit I've wanted is for scrapping moving/relocating.
A good linen, canvas, woven fabric texture in either brush or overlay.

Thanks, Marisa, for offering your design talents.

Animals would be great, and anything Steampunk!

I'm not sure if this is really what you're looking for but one idea I had is add-on to the bundles you already have when you're in a slump. I think all the elements are great but I like the idea of having more options. I am not so talented on making those things myself so currently I'm relying on everyone else's talents, unfortunately. smiley

@Harriett, I agree, I would love a general travel kit with all the goodies (tags, luggage, passports, tickets). And there's so much to do within that ... road trip, plane trip, cruise, beach trip, etc. I always do a few pages at the beginning and end of a trip that covers those things like planning and getting there/home.

@Heather, I'm in the same boat. I'm still very new and can't really make my own things. Add-ons would be great ... or rather, more add-ons.

@Chelle, I've been looking for those too. So many people do a camera sticker, but I like things looking real, or as real as possible. Technology things, iPod, computers, cameras, phones, etc.

@Harriett I agree with the travel idea including maybe more vintage style items for compasses, modes of transport, map items and map paper.

I just thought of another thing I would like, artist trading cards! smiley

Kid and family related elements are what I'm using the most of these days. I could really use these and I think other moms would too:
- sports (especially Taekwondo/Karate, which is hard to find)
- electronics (Wii, iPod, Nintendo 3DS, etc.)
- game night (board games, card games, etc.)
- school elements
- playground

Holiday themed elements are always good! I'll be on the lookout for cute Easter kits, including egg hunt elements, bunny rabbit, etc.

With NASCAR season starting, my son is excited to go to a race with his Dad. I'll be looking for racing related elements.

I also love clusters, like page borders or frames to accomodate one or two photos. I'm not very good at doing clusters myself, so I especially appreciate them from a talented designer. (Tip: Clusters without words are best so I can customize them to my own layouts. They are more versatile. Or provide layered file so words can be changed.)

And another vote for:
- travel elements
- kids' milestones elements
- dog/cat elements

@Heather: this may be a dumb question, but what are artist trading cards?