Problem with apostrophe in user name

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Problem with apostrophe in user name

I went to my profile page and added data, first name shows up no problem but my last name which has an apostrophe (O'Neil) shows up as O%&$^ Neil or something like that. No apostrophe, just some weird characters. This is in the upper right corner of the black banner with pixelscrapper name and announcement that site is in beta. It is to the right of the DC credits total field. I went back into my profile, removed my last name and now just my first name shows. That is fine with me - it was annoying to see the weird characters. But I thought you should know how it is showing up.

Another thing, I logged in today around 11:00 am est and I have zero DC credits. I saw that the new credits are supposed to update your account around midnight and it is now noon est, still zero DC credits.

@PeeJay: I can only speak in regards to the part of your post about the time our DC credits show up. I'm on the East Coast and my new credits generally show up around 6PM my time in the (America/NewYork -4:00) time zone... So if that helps you any to determine exactly when they will show up in your time zone. I believe Marisa & Jordan live in a different time zone, overseas right now, but I'm not positive about this. smiley

Thanks for the info on this, Shawna. I had the same question as to when my points would post. Is there any way this might change so that it rolls over on midnight of our given timezone?

Thanks for offering the help, Shawna!

@PeeJay: I'm going to try to get that apostrophe situation worked out...

@Lady Phillippa: Yes, it's on the to do to get the credits to rollover around midnight based on your individual timezone... unfortunately getting that to actually happen is a bit trickier than it sounds smiley