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What an adorable trip to this BT, TYVM to all the designers who share their talents. I finished the trip and love all the styles, the papers, the elements-love the spoon, the fork, etc.-, the WA. I'm a lover of all the "oldies"- retro, vintage, shabby, etc.- "oldies" good. The journal cards are off the hook! The wire alphas are fantastic. The first timer BT contributors make awesome kits and I encourage to continue creating. I'm TOTALLY in love with this BT and I thinking in an hybrid project, but I need to find a good printer place to print all. Again TYVM to everyone.
PS: Forget Box, you will be out of bandwidth soon, and cost, you can use other alternatives.
Thanks for the new blogs I fond in this trip.

you guys are right of course.....i need to not take it personally. i guess im just unsure of myself sharing with others. ive always designed just for me i never know if people like my stuff or find it useful. i would love for some feed back on my part of the train.

Thank you to all of the talented designers who made such great kits for the Retro Kitchen Blog Train.

Brandi, like your giftie. For me it seems to be a matter of health problems with a touch of lazy.

Ack, Marissa I took down the kit preview images from the gallery as requested but didn't get a chance to get over to imgur until now. So, my image links are broken for both parts of the kit. Is there any way you can unlock the topic so I can fix the links. So sorry for the inconvenience!

Or maybe I'll just post the photo links here. smiley

Thanks for your kind feedback! It's very encouraging...I've been wanting to try my hand at designing for several years now...this was the perfect chance to.
I have been crazy busy, so I haven't even had time to download anyone's kits. Hope to do it tomorrow. From the previews though, they all look amazing!

You all have done a fantastic job! smiley Thank you very much! smiley

I think everyone did an amazing job! Excellent work! I tried to leave individual comments where I could, but had trouble on some sites (grr). Thanks Marisa for the opportunity to practice our skills!

To Shelly, I just discover today that your 1st link not working and then your info about the link problem, so I has to check again in your blog. I was anxious to see the recipe card shown in the preview. My dear the recipe cards are beautiful, the alphas are fantastic, and the aprons and rolling pin are gorgeous. So feel good, what you create is beautiful and I'm sure the rest of the people who downloaded your kit will love too. TYVM for your contribution.

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful designs! I can't wait to start playing with all the stuff! And as for the downloads vs. credits, I try to leave one on everyone's page but sometimes I get distracted by my kids or I honestly forget. I'm truly sorry if I did forget to comment. Everybody's contributions to this blog train are awesome! Thank you so much for your generosity!

Can't wait to get enough community points to participate!

I'm so thrilled about all your wonderful kits smiley Thank you so much for your beautiful creations smiley

@Janet: I updated your image links so they point to imgur now.

Thanks so much Marisa. smiley

Thanks so much for all of the beautiful kits!! I love them all! I'm going to try to incorporate all kits into my challenge entry!! and I have just the pics to create an LO!!

awww thank you so much eileen! you totally made my day!

I received an email about my bandwidth running out, so I've updated my links to work now.

Wow. This is a wonderful blog train. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

I am so glad I checked back there were 2 kits I didn't see the first time! Now I want to also get that matching kit!! Thanks so much ladies - a stellar performance on this BT!!! smiley smiley smiley

I finally had a chance to download all of the blog train parts. Wow, talk about lovely work! I'm so excited to dig in and have a better look at all of the goodies. Thanks again to each of you who participated!!

Just wanted to let you know there is an add-on gone 'live' on my blog today:

Melo - those cards are so cute!

Hello dear ones,
By now I have had a chance to download, open, and ogle almost everyone's contributions. Just this once I even downloaded things I know I won't use (I'm not a word art person, for example) because I really wanted to be able to take a look at these creations all these people I am getting to know now worked so hard to make. I am truly blown away by the quality and originality of all of the stuff we made!
I've started writing up comments but I'm also in the middle of a giant pile of school deadlines. I want to post the ones I have so far, but if you're not on my current list please know I am still planning to write more! Comments for all! I just thought it would be nice to get these to their intended recipients as long as I have them written already.

Marisa: Amazing textures (super shabby, which is what I love best). Wonderful unique journal cards. Very subtle and elegant color combinations, it's clear you're a pro at this smiley

Jessica: Awe-inspiring shabby textures. Inventive patterns and creative color combinations. Adorable word art, too!

Brandi: Some of the most truly "retro" of all our creations, I think. I love the retro square patterns and thank you for including those cool borders. Very realistic papers. And sparkly stuff is always great.

Jennifer: What a huge, generous contribution! Cool 50s-diner-style alphas. Love how many different kitchen "surface" materials you incorporated, from tile to melted plastic. I really like the geometric elements and you made some great Project Life material with the strip tags and the journal blocks. The lace overlays were a really cool idea, and the linen papers are realistic and in nice soft versions of the palette.

Tina A.: It's so cool that you took the cook-with-cookbook graphic so many of used and made it a full-blown colored graphic. The citrus and bowl/coffeepot remind me of retro Pyrex designs.

Rachel: Really inventive patterns, unlike anything else in the train. Love the tablecloth paper! Nice realistic textures, as well. I don't usually use word strips, but yours are really attractive and nicely made. Plus I love that there one that says "disaster." smiley

I am so impressed with all the blog hop contributions. The theme and colors are great. Thanks to all the designers! smiley

Wow, Ladies you've all done some great work on your pieces!

I had thought about contributing, but got busy...so busy that I'm just now getting together all the kits! There's something in each kit that catches my eye, and will eventually be used!

I've thought about adding decor to my personal cookbook and now I've got tons to pick from!

I've given small recipes books that contain some our popular recipes to couples as wedding presents for years, and will have to look through all the TOU's and tag things in Picasa so that I can also share some of these items in what I give...following TOU's of course.

Koodos to all who WORKED and contributed!

I wanted to come back here and comment on some of what I really liked from ya'll.

Marisa: loved especially your yellow pie and mixing paper.

Tina: thanks for including the kitchen scale...never thought I'd use one in my kitchen, but got one when my daughter started to learn to cook...it's still not used often, but every once in a while and will definitely be used for scrapping..lol

Jessica: labels and those all important hot pads! I've got to find a few pics, I've got old photos of my son when he burned his hand on the toaster, or at 2.5 yrs old when he was caring a chair at a picnic, and bumped into the still hot grill...even though there was no photo of his face, I still remember the look he had even before he started to say anything, as I moved across the gathering to get him to the ICE!...not knowing for sure he had touched.

Brandi: I love the purples in this kit...thanks for making some great assets with them!

Jennifer: Loved your weaved background, linens, and those bottle caps! Lace as well.

Tina: loved your red "some loving from the oven!" and another rolling pin!

Emily: Loved several of your backgrounds, and way even with the same palette, you got a more wintry feel in the papers. I grew up in the "northern" states, where SNOW makes up alot of the year, and so the older photos from my moms kitchen will surely be using some of these.

Rachel: loved the labels, and especially that blue checker background! I think my mom had a table cloth we used for picnics JUST LIKE THAT!

Sunny: I had to go back to your blog today, cause I was so late in starting my downloading of the kits... as I was scanning the kits and tagging them...I had missed your first zips...and only seen the last bonus originally...I was thinking...where's my "Approved" sticker, wooden spoon, and Cinnamon tag? I think I got everything now. THANKS!

Brooke: thanks for those paper elements...it will give my digital pages the same feel as my older albums, of the stamping and coloring with pencils! Oh, the GRAPES! The only thing I've always tried to put in my kitchen when I have a choice!

Shelly: loved the papers, solid and the vague embelishments...the Aprons and rollingpins! I'm not a big one for alphabets, but I might have to change my mind. I can only imagine how much work they took!

Janet: loved all the cook ware you included! and those little charms. and those captions.

Melouise: too cute those buttons and circle frames! And I've got some "craft and fold" type things planned with some of those kitchen utensil papers!

Lorien: loved the pink doily and lace!

Connie: thanks for the flowers that match and the salt and pepper shakers. A must for me when scrapping my mom's kitchen...she used to collect them, years ago but when things got busy with us kids and tight...the collection got set aside. My daughter 16, and son 13 wondered why they were unpacking another pair of "shakers" as when we moved them to their retirement house. The kids commented that they never knew Grandma "collected".

Violet: thanks for all the journal cards! I've not really gotten into the card scrapping fad...but I DO love to Journal when I scrap, and was excited to see your options! Lovely! I'm thinking of having to go hybrid, printing some for my college daughter who says she's NOT going DIGITAL scrapping...but was wanting a new smart phone cause of the camera..cause she wants to be able to document her life better! These Journal Cards might be a good next step as she's looking at having to get a Masters Degree next and her monies already tight!

Jenn: Loved the clock and labeled containers! and furniture!

Angela: the Boy and Girl brads...reminded me of my father's mom! Also the Rose and Doiley papers! Never heard of Be-Ro before, but I love the tossed papers...so much like my kitchen when I'm planning a big get-together!

Wow! Kitchens have always been the hub in our home, and bring out the stories not only in our kids after school, but also from the generations back as they share stories! Thanks to EACH and EVERYONE for working and sharing! Now it's time to scrap some stories!

I have been doing a Designer Course and have learnt a few things, one of them being papers should be 12 x 12. I have always done mine A4 as I don't have a printer that can print any bigger. If anyone downloaded my papers and wanted them 12 X 12, please let me know as I am in the process of updating my papers.

Thank You all... so very cute~!

awesome kits, just downloaded from Solyluna and wanted to do a special shout out as she says it's her first kit! Well done, beautiful train ladies.


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