What are your top 3 favorite sites for quality freebies?

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I ran out of time but the first few pages of One Velvet Morning is loaded with goodies that appeal to me. Thanks for the lead.

Thanks, your freebies are great.

Tracey, wow! That is some pinboard! I will take some time to look through your collection. Thanks!

There is a Freebie Blog Hop starting today, with the theme of "Winter Blues". I'm not part of it, but wanted to make sure the community knew about it. You can pick up the first one, then just follow the page link to the next one rather than trying to follow the below links:

WLS Blog — Missy’s Part
WLS FB — Missy’s Plaids –
SA Blog — Crystal’s (Sugar Moon) part –
StarryEyed Designs — Mini –
Designs by Angel –
Chunlin Designs–
Fran B Designs –
Mayo Designs –
Brown Eyed Susan –
Kelsey {Inspired} Studios –
Designs by Shelly Marie –
AliSarah Digiscraps!–
AliSarah Digiscraps! FB–Alpha –
Midnight Owl Designs –

Not sure if reading this topic was a good idea or not. My bookmark list is bulging! Thanks for all the great links, ladies.

Shabby Princess is definitely one of my favorites. I collect a list of where to find freebies and some of my own at www.elle-designs.weebly.com. [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link good, though no new updates since 2013. Her current endeavor is creating patterns for both papers and quilting fabrics.] I also have a scrapbooking freebies pinterest board at http://pinterest.com/reerickson/scrapbooking-freebies/ I only pin freebies that I would actually use. Right now it's birthday season for many of the major scrapbooking websites and they usually offer good freebies or sales during that time. Or [inter]National Scrapbooking Day is coming up in May-probably the best day of the year! smiley

@Jenn - Great blog! You have some great info links on your blogroll! Thanks!

@ Tracey - Great stuff! Already collecting some freebies!

Thank you for the suggested sites, Shannon. I've been looking and looking for some decent sites that offer freebies, as times are quite difficult and freebies are the only thing I can rely on, for the time being. smiley

Thank you, Marisa. Check my freebie boards often... as "collecting freebies" has become quite a "hobby" in itself!

Thank you so much, Shannon and Sunny! I'm adding new freebies to my boards every day, so be sure to stop by anytime and see what I've gathered up for you all. Rachel, I'll be heading over to your freebie board next smiley

I like Designs by Megan Turnidge (http://www.designsbymeganturnidge.com/blog/). She posts a free template every Tuesday. [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Site still valid, though link gives a 404. Hit the Freebies link on the upper right of the page to find them.]

I also like Shabby Miss Jenn (http://www.shabbymissjenndesigns.com/). [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Site valid, but most freebies gone.]

Wow, Tracey! Your boards are awesome and so well organized! Thanks for sharing them!

Anyone heard of Harper Finch? I just discovered her and she has been posting free kits in portions recently, and she also has some designs for sale. VERY cute designs.

Facebook: HarperFinchDesigns
Blog: HarperFinch Blog

[UPDATE 1/23/2019: Links still valid.]

Thank you so much, Andrea. Check on my boards often because I'm adding to them every day.
Lady Phillippa, thank you for the Harper Finch link..... I've snagged a ton of FREEBIES and put them on my pinterest boards. I now have hundreds and hundreds of freebies collected. Stop by and grab some http://pinterest.com/traceytilson/

Rachel Erickson... you have some GREAT kits & papers! I especially love the "Woodland Adventure" papers / elements. Thank you for sharing them with all of us. I've "pinned" them, too.

Your blog is amazing Linda, I have saved it to my RSS reader. Thank you so much for your resources! You are very talented and I see nothing but quality in your work!

This is a great list!

Thanks for all the suggestions! I always swing by www.karendiamonddesigns.com. Karens site is really easy to navigate and her freebies are always super cute!

[UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link now goes to a website in Japanese. Seems to be selling shapewear, no digiscrap stuff to be found!]

A really interesting post!!!!!

I'm looking for some CU freebie...as I'm a designer!!!

If you want ot discovered some French digiscrap !!!!

Scrap gratuit : http://freebies.scrap-gratuit.fr/kits-coordonnes-scrapbooking.html?t=4 [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link dead.]

Free digiscrap : http://www.free-digiscrap.com/categorie-2-Kits%20complets?PHPSESSID=90250f2d15cee3d7cf02b38e5742ab92 [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Valid link.]

I think this site is my favorite so far. I will have to check out some of the other suggestions too. Thank you all for the great suggestions.

Sunny, I had not seen that blog hop yet. Thank you for sharing the links. smiley

You have some beautiful freebie kits! Thank you so much for sharing.

I like Megan's site also. She has some great freebie templates that she posts regularly!

This is my first time seeing Shabby Miss Jenn. I like her designs and she has some beautiful items for a good deal in the $1 closeouts.

I like Sumertime designs too. I also like http://www.allisonkimball.com. I also like http://www.everydaymomideas.com. I scrap using creative memories software so their website comes out with free stuff weekly.

[UPDATE 1/23/2019: Allison Kimball's site has a bad certificate. Everyday Mom Ideas is still up and has freebies.]

I have yet another freebie opportunity. The Creative Market is geared more for graphic designers (similar to Etsy) but apparently most of it can be used by anyone and once a week they post new freebies. I just found out today so I don't know if they always change on Friday but I am suspect so. https://creativemarket.com/free-goods

[Note: New free goods come out on Monday mornings, 6 per week, and another 3 you can unlock by spending $15 during the week. I don't bother with the unlocks!]

some great sites listed that I didn't know about yet.... thanks everyone for sharing! smiley

you have to take a look to french sites. they are lovely and also bloghops are really nice.

1. http://bruissements.canalblog.com/ (i love the kits) [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Not updated since 2016, but freebies still available.]
2. http://le-blog-clean-et-simple.blogspot.fr (dcs blog hops) [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link valid and still giving new monthly freebies!]
3. http://scrapirtuelle.canalblog.com [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link valid.]
4. http://publiscrapmodo.canalblog.com (templates and kits) [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link valid and new freebies available!]

and also this is the last day to get a kit from bella gypsy designs' facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bellagypsydesigns?ref=stream

and another heaven: http://www.persnicketyprints.com/digifreebies don't forget to pick up storyteller kit over there. [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link valid!]

One of my very favorites is Shadowhouse Creations: http://shadowhousecreations.blogspot.com/ and then he has an off-shoot of that site called My 2econd Skin: http://my2econdskin.blogspot.com/. He has lots of textures and brushes and some tutorials on how to use some of his stuff.

[UPDATE 1/23/2019: Shadowhouse Creations is up. My 2econd Skin is no longer available.]