Problem with template file

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Problem with template file

I downloaded a template the other day. I tried to use it but it was in a JPEG format. Do I have to convert it? Can I get it back to a photoshop file? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

the link is

Hi Nicole, I'm moving this to the Support forum.

Thanks for pointing that out. A few things got lost in the move to the new site, so I'm just picking them up when people find them. If you look to the right of the image you'll see the file info. Any layout template that is listed as a .jpg is a mistake, it should be a .zip file.

I've fixed this one, let me know if you find anymore.

The Square Swirl Brad is a jpeg this correct?

Hi. I downloaded "marisa-lerin__4292__brad-04-plastic-1-inch__commercial-use" and I am getting an error message when I try to unzip it. The file that did manage to extract from the zip won't open. I will try downloading it again to see if maybe something happened during download....but that will have to wait until tomorrow...I'm outta points smiley
Thanks for your help.

The brad downloaded fine for me. I've given you some bonus DC so you can try downloading it again. Let me know how it goes.

Thank you. I think it was my unzip program. I used a different one and it opened. The file contained a jpeg image and a flattened psd image which seemed unusual but I can work around that.

Thank you again.

Do you mean that the layer style was flattened? I flattened that because it was a style I purchased and I figured the designer would probably prefer that.

Lol, this may seem silly but I'm not sure exactly what a layer style is. The brad is flattened onto a white background. I just used the selection tool and cut away the white part. Now I have a png image. I use Paintshop Pro which doesn't support layer this could be what the problem was with that particular asset. Thank you for addressing it.