"Deal" Days at various Scrap Sites/ Designers

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"Deal" Days at various Scrap Sites/ Designers

Let's create a list of "Deal" Days for everyone here.
Please list any $2 Tuesdays, New Release specials or any similar type sales here

Design House Digital (DHD)
Weekend: $1 deals

Digiscrappers Brasil
$2 Tuesdays

Ginger Scraps (GS)
Buffet: Monthly Themed "Mix & Match" Kits - All Items $2.00, Some as low as a $1
**several to choose from**

Go Digital Scrapbooking (GDS)
$2 Tuesdays

Plain Digital Wrapper (PDW)
$2 Tuesdays

Scrapbook-Bytes (SBB)
Multiple Days Sales:
*Grab-A-Byte ($1-2 coordinating mini packs) 2nd week of the month
*Mini Madness ($2 coordinating mini kits based on a famous artist) 3rd week of the month

ScrapTakeout (STO)
Tuesdays: Takeout Tuesday $1 deals
and the $2 Snack Bar deals

Shabby Miss Jenn (smj)
Friday: New Release - Low Price (recently $3.50) plus 2 FwP's (Free with Purchase) Items [For $3.50 you get an $8 kit & 2 extra products worth $4 each]

With Love Studio (WLS)
Multiple Days Sales:
*Lovely Colors ($1 coordinating packs) 1st - 5th of the month

Weekend Sale: $1 Days {Friday AM - Sunday PM}

This is a fantastic idea Molly! Would you mind if when people add days/places if you, Melouise, and I could edit your original post to add the others to the top post??? That way it would be a handy list right at the top for all to see. smiley Thanks for thinking of this. I always miss the great sales because I'm on at odd hours...

Edit to Add: what might be a good idea is to do it by store name... Then Days of the week & the sale and at the bottom of that store do the weekly monthly, bi-annual sales. smiley If that sounds ok to you? For Ex: (notice this is all fake just a example, don't go looking for these sales -- hee hee...)
Mon 10%
Tues $1 day
3rd weekend BOGO

Great ideas ladies! Thanks for sharing.

Shawna- that is fine with me. Much more useful if it is all together like that!

Cool! Thanks so much Molly for starting this thread! smiley I'll add to it as I get emails & newsletters reminding me...

Gingerscraps Buffet: this month's theme is Listen with your heart. All items $1:00
Bake Sale: all items $1:00 From feb 1-5

Shawna feel free to remove my 2 postings!

No need to remove them Christine... Great Info with $1 sales... I will update the list once they expire and delete just from the main list post at top... that Molly, Melouise & I will try to keep up to date. smiley Thanks for sharing! If you think of others or get emails about sales let us know. smiley

Every weekend we have $1.00 Deals at www.wilma4ever.com starting Fridaymorning and ending on Sundaynight
Also we have CU Tuesday Savings, a folder filled with great offers, all CU OK

Scraps and Pieces: Saturday sales - I don´t have too much details, but will research on it for you.

$2 Tuesday at GDS - www.godigitalscrapbooking.com

I'm working on updating this with links too ladies so be patient with me as I'm having to research since I was given several of these by others. And PLEASE feel free to let me know about any weekly/monthly or even special sales. Melouise or I will update as we can. We're not omitting anyone on purpose. We just don't know about the sale yet if it's not listed here.

Note: This thread is for those really great price slashes like: $1, $2, 50-90% off or buy my store clearances... not just every sale at ever store.
** If y'all want we could start another thread for those, too. I don't mind. I just have to receive the info and requests from you ladies/guys as I don't get out shopping much. smiley

Gotta get to bed tonight. It's already late here and I have an early morning tomorrow. smiley