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Being a newbie to digital scrapbooking, I have a TON to learn! This might be a dumb question to ask... especially to all your pros out there, but how is "glitter" used in scrapbooking? I've seen little round "samples" included in kits, etc but have no idea what to do with them. Are they applied to elements and fonts? If so, how? Can someone explain how they are used? Thank you so much.

You can use glitter on scatters or text or edges or just about anything. I have some glitter on my blog as a freebie that is used for borders around your pages.
Here are the links to the glitter on my blog (freebies)
And welcome to digi scrapping. I love it and am addicted as I'm sure most of us are. You'll find a lot of help on this site and other sites as well. Most everyone I've met seems eager to help! Let me know if there's anyway I can help you hun!

Not a dumb question at all, I am new also so any hints and tips help me as well! Thank u xoxo

Here's a quick tutorial I made about different glitter files:

Thank you so much, Jenn smiley

Thank you Marisa! I love your website... especially the forums. I'm learning so much by reading replies to the topics, seeing your tutorials and asking my own questions. smiley

Yay! I'm not alone after all! We'll learn all this together, Monica smiley

I love using glitter on my LO's ... at first they were very difficult for me as I had no idea on how to use them ... now I can't stop using them LOL ... I love doing the scatters behind the photos and frames .. makes them "POP" ... Melisa's tutorials are awesome!!

Thank you Jenn, your blog and freebies are awesome!

You're welcome. Thank you for the wonderful compliments!

Glitter is not something I've used much in the past, but Marisa's tutorials encourage me to extend myself, always a good thing.

I'm so glad you asked, because I wondered the same thing. smiley

There's a lot of good information here. I've been doing the digital "thing" for years and picked up a couple good tips here. smiley Great site for learning and products. smiley

I can't wait to start experimenting with glitter in more ways than just doing splatters.

Angela..... how do you create the spatters with the glitter?

You can clip the glitter to the paint splatters, or you can add a glitter style to your splats. If you have a sheet (mostly PNG or JPG) of glitter, put it in a layer right above your paint splatters and clip it (Cmd-Alt-G or Ctrl-Alt-G). If you have an .asl-file you can open your Styles palette and, with the splatter layer selected, choose the glitter style you want. A style often has a little bevel and emboss already, to make it look a little puffed. The last method is when you have a .pat-file (pattern). That basically works the same as a style, only you go to Layer effects and choose 'pattern overlay'. All these ways work for pretty much every brush, paper or element, not just splatter. Just try and have fun!

Marisa also made a nice tutorial about this:

And so did Brooke: