Posting in the forum - how follow up?

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Posting in the forum - how follow up?

Is there a way to find posts I've made and check for followups? I don't see a way to subscribe to the particular forum, and I don't receive email notification. do I find whatever posts I've made so I can check for a response?

Thank you for your help!

I've been wondering if there is a way to do this as well. I've just been going through the different threads of the one's I know I commented in, but I probably missed some...

There is a request like that opened on feature request forum. Maybe you can go there to show your support, or add specific comments:

You maybe also intrested in this request:

Since Lórien answered the question with links to the existing threads, I'm going to close this thread, so we don't have duplicates of the same thing and it gets confusing...

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