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Mines was taken while touring a friend visiting from Canada to the Pu'u Loa (meaning long hill or long life) Petroglyph Field down on the Chain of Craters Road. You can see part of the hill in the background of my picture even though it was raining on and off that day.

This place has a special Hawaiian custom dating many generations back. Fathers of newborns would come to place their babies umbilical cord in the small holes found scattered around the site, in hopes that their children will live a long life.

In a friend's lounge - just after having 17 inches of hair cut off for charity! smiley

I'm not actually in mine. It's a picture of our dog Abby with her stuffed monkey. It was taken in our home.

At the beginning of 2014 I started a new Project 52 photography project at Clickinmoms and the first week's assignment was to take a selfie. It was a grey, wet week, but I brought my camera and tripod out to my garage for some nice side-lighting and posed for a bunch of shots, hoping no neighbors were watching, thinking I'm silly. smiley

I'm doing the same Project 52 this year, and the first week's assignment was the same, but I continue to use this photo for my avatar everywhere because I think it works better. You can see this year's Week 1 selfies on my blog, if you'd like.

I'm the 1 doing the ' aren't I cute pose' LOL

In my backyard. I was trying to take a decent selfie for an id card.

at a petting zoo

My photo was taken at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I was sitting on a bench in front of one of the many flower beds they have. I believe this was taken in June 2012.

My photo was taken on my patio in Tucson, AZ. I was feeling extra happy and excited about life.

Was going out to dinner with my husband when he called me and I turned to see what it was and he was with a camera in hand and made the picture.

Mine was taken in Gothenburg, Sweden. My husband and I were in the airport having coffee before I left for a few months back to America to take care of some family matters.

In a park in Calgary, AB, which was a couple of hours from where we lived at the time. It's one of our engagement photos.

I was a passenger in my friend's car [a rare occurrence -- I'm always driving] and liked the way the wind was blowing my hair. Haha. It was a while ago, but I swear I look the same.

What a great topic! I have enjoyed reading all your stories and it seems to me that most of us have chosen pictures where we've been really happy or at a great point in our lives... My profile was a selfie taken in the Château Comtal in the Medieval walled city of Carcassonne, France. I have wanted to visit that place for years and in 2013 my Dad & I joined friends from Melbourne (in Australia where I was born and raised & where Dad still lives) and we spent a week travelling down the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to Carcassonne & I got to spend my Dad's 75th birthday with him. It was lovely, warm, sunny & I was very, very happy as I hadn't seen him in a couple of years & I am very close to my lovely Dad...

I can't say mine has a pretty background and the lighting is wonky. It was taken in a restaurant in Malibu at my niece's wedding rehearsal dinner. I've lost a lot of weight and didn't have many pictures, and I have yet to take a selfie that I like (I do not know how people take good selfies - it's an art that completely escapes me!), so I take whatever pictures I can get!

Mine was taken in my kitchen New Year's Even 2013

Mine was taken about 3 years ago, my mum is behind the camera, we were having a girls day out. I was trying to look, you know, all cool and stuff, lol. I HATE having my picture taken!! But mum was keen. smiley Though the background isn't obvious (and to be honest, nothing special even if it was, lol), but we were at one of the small shopping centers here in the Whitsundays (Queensland). I still look the same, though my hair has lost the highlights and has grown back out. smiley

Because I'm nearly always the person behind the camera taking the pictures and had been scrapbooking tons of layouts of our granddaughters with everybody but me I asked my dear husband to hold the camera and take a few shots of me with the girls on our front steps. It turned into a pretty silly 'photo shoot' because the younger of our two granddaughters was refusing to sit still and I ended up with some pretty hilarious photos of the struggle. They did help produce a really fun layout that clearly documented the attempt and it remains a favorite of mine for this very reason. I've cropped out my head and used it for my 'head shot' for quite a while now. I know I should probably have a new one done but I'm still emotionally attached to this one ;)

I was not aware of this thread when I wrote the about me.
My photo is of my paternal grandmother, I am also using her registered names. This was taken in a studio, when my parents got married - 1966.

Mine was taken at a friend's shop for my last passport (back when you couldn't take your own photos). We were heading to England for a month for our honeymoon, which we spent on the canals running our own narrowboat (it was wet & chilly but fabulous!). My husband, for some still-unknown-to-me reason, decided to Warhol the photo - & an avatar was born!

It's an older photo but I still look mostly the same - the big difference is that I now have a curly ear-length bob (I discovered I have curly hair a few years ago - I always thought mine was straight with annoying flips but it turned out that once I quit fighting the flips & did a wee bit of scrunching, it curls!! I always wanted curls...).

Mine is at home, wearing my new Groucho Marx shirt!!!

I was at my husbands "sisters" wedding in Georgia! It was during the reception, and the sun was setting on the lake behind me, so Rick snapped the picture! One of my favorites!

at a wine festival with friends, what a great weekend that was...

Mine is running out of transition at a triathlon in St Ives last year!

I think I was in the livingroom in my pic lol.

I was at a community party with my best friend whose husband was playing in the band. We got to go because we were with the band. it was fun!

Standing Bear park. Ponca City, OK

Lol - I am in the bathroom at Walmart. I had just gotten my hair cut and my hair dresser said she was having to retire. I went shopping afterwards and figured I better take a picture to show the new hairdresser so she would know what style I had before.

This photo of me was taken at the Mall of America in Minnesota. My niece Hailey had a project for school called Flat Hailey (Like Flat Stanley) so I was taking Flat Hailey (paper doll) on the rides at the Mall, then made a scrapbook for her of all our adventures!

In Beijing, looking up at the roof of the Temple of Heaven (hence the reflection). My then-boyfriend, now husband, took it while I was just enjoying the view. smiley