Is it time to split General Discussion?

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Is it time to split General Discussion?

I feel General Discussion needs to be split into two.
General Discussion - Scrapping related
General Discussion - Chat/Other related

Does anyone else agree?

Yep, i agree. I think that would be easier to find what your looking for.

I'll second that.

The discussions are going to keep growing and take a life of its own. You may want to consider a retired section. After a discussion has been up for a while, but no one is commenting to anymore. Send it to a retired folder for new users can at least access the information.

I do agree that the discussion is going to need to be segmented.

I agree. It's hard to keep up sometimes and maybe dividing between scrapping and general/chit chat would help.

@ Liz: I was thinking that when I logged in tonight... love the idea of a scrapping related and a general chat section both.
@Judy: Great idea also about retiring post after no comments for a while (maybe 60 days) but still leaving them accessible for others who might benefit from the wisdom/knowledge left behind in them.

We've been thinking about making some new categories. Just kind of waiting and seeing what's happening. Thanks for the input everyone!

I like the new "Feature Requests" ✔ smiley

Check out this new post: New Forums, Looking for Moderators.

I like the new look for the forums. It is easier to navigate.