PicMonkey (Assistance Please)

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PicMonkey (Assistance Please)

Hi everyone,
Is anyone using or know about PicMonkey?, l'm just learning this whole digital side of things and l have some questions, so if anyone is using it that'd be great!

@Kelly: I'm going to move this post to the photography forums for you. I think you will get more replies over there. smiley
Unfortunately, other than that... I'm not of any help to you... as I'm not familiar with PicMonkey.

Hopefully someone can help you soon with some answers. smiley

I have used Picmonkey before.... they are one part of a result of the ending of picnik.com which I was a subscriber for years. I can't answer your questions until I am back from work, but please feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer as much as I can

Thanks Demetria for offering to help Kelly out. It is greatly appreciated! smiley Hope you are having a great day!

Here is a help area for the program. It may help.


I'm a Picmonkey user! What is your question?

I love PicMonkey too...not that I am great at it but my sister does beautiful things with it. I will try to answer any questions you have also. You almost have to pay the monthly or yearly (best buy) fee to get the best options they offer. Since I am not so good at "doctoring" a photo on PSE, this is the place I head to.