My Points Are All Gone

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My Points Are All Gone

They went so fast. smiley He, he!

Your community points are still showing up, do you mean your download credits??? If so, I know what you mean. It sure is easy peasy to use them up with the lovely pieces that Brooke & Marisa share for us to download. smiley I haven't had the budget to purchase but I imagine you could donate again in a given year. smiley

Oops, yes, I meant the DC! Yeah, I'll have to donate, but I have to wait a little! I still don't think I really understand the benefits of having community points, though?

I just saw this in my email for joining and thought I would post it here for you!

@Cindy: Your download credits will renew everyday if you spend them. You should be getting 9 (based on your number of community points). Besides raising your daily download credits allotment, community points also can give you access to the gallery, and will have future benefits not yet available!

Also, please see here for more info:

Must first understand the way forward!! smiley

Thanks to all who responded! I still get a little confused by the comm. cred. and dl cred., but I understand now that we are getting a certain # of dc every day, which must be used within the same day that they are "earned". Still need to get used to/learn the ways in which we can earn more! It'll come...eventually! smiley

What is meant by "create lists"?
You will need a minimum number of points to create lists.

Thanks again!

Lists are a future feature that don't yet exist smiley

Thanks. I think this helps me too. I'm new around here and am
earning the community credits but nothing has changed in the DC
area..........yet. Hopefully I will get a hang of all this soon.
smiley smiley

Here, here! Thanks for the info for us newbies!

I'm definitely going to purchase some more download credits soon. So much incredible stuff being post by Marisa and Brooke!!!