Freebie Threads: CU vs PU

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Freebie Threads: CU vs PU

I know that we have a few threads with freebies, but is there any way to separate the PU from the CU? It might be too difficult but just thought I'd ask smiley

We're working on setting up a separate freebie forum, so we'll keep this in mind as we think about how to set it up. Thanks!

Maybe for now, there could be a separate thread for people offering CU (or CU4CU) freebies rather than having them mixed in with the PU freebie thread? Just a thought.

Just wondering Cat, how would you do with designers that sometimes have PU and sometimes CU items to offer on their blogs? As we are collecting ideas about freebies to realise how to manage the new forum, some of you may have good ones smiley

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when a freebie is offered, the designer posts a link to the freebie itself and not just their blog/website in the freebie thread. The way I suggest is if a designer offers both PU and CU, they would need to post to the correct thread for the type of freebie they are offering. That way, if someone is looking for CU specifically, then they only need to look in the CU thread.

Cat, can you point to me an expample of place where " the designer posts a link to the freebie itself"? Because, as far as I know, the designers are following this suggestion on Digital scrapbooking forum, which states that, each designer post on his/her own topic...

Please, don´t understand it as I am trying to criticize your request or something, I just want to understand to know how we can do better to organise the forum, according to the users´needs.

Yes, each designer now have their own thread labelled "Freebies" and they post comments at the bottom of those threads with links to their current freebie. What I am suggesting is that each designer have two threads, one labelled "PU Freebies" and the other labelled "CU Freebies" (if they offer CU). That way when looking at what they are offering, you will know how it can be used by which thread you are in. Hopefully it makes sense... smiley

LOL, now I got it! Thank you for the input smiley

I'm NOT by any means the ONE who would make this decision. But for right now, I don't think it would help matters any to have two threads for each designer that shares freebies with us. The Digital Scrapbooking Forum is already very busy with just one thread per designer. It is sometimes hard to find the things we're looking for outside of freebies. Don't get me wrong I love freebies as much as the next guy...

But, those of us who are trying to make sure as moderators the important issues, or questions from members get the proper attention required don't need twice as many threads to pour through to make sure we're not overlooking anyone's need for assistance. smiley

I think your suggestion will come in handy once we actually get the "Freebie Forum" set up. Then it would be a little easier for the designers to divide them out if they wanted to. We may need to do a poll on this subject with the designers that are sharing. I only say this because they may not want the pressure of "oppps!!! I made a mistake and that wasn't really CU4CU" and later on being confronted by a downloader that's mad because they used it as such and then the original owner they bought it from gets mad at that designer because it wasn't CU4CU.

From my experience over the past 6-7 years digi scrapping most designers actually put that info (if it's CU/CU4CU) right on the preview itself, so you should be able to tell fairly easy by the preview they post with the link. I do think that most of what's been shared in our forums right now are personal use. (with the exception of Jenn w-SugarButt & Linda w-PixelBerryPie) but I only use stuff for my personal use, so I don't pay as much attention to that part admittedly.

Is there any place that tells who all are designers on this site?

Right now it's just me and Brooke.

This is a great idea!

It would be especially helpful if all freebies were clearly labeled CU or PU on the Preview as well as in the name of the kit. It is so easy to make a brightly colored little logo that says CU or PU to pop on all your offering that will be easily recognized at a glance. I know I really appreciate the designers who do this, and those who also name their kits with PU or CU (or PTU or FTU if applicable).

Another thing that would be helpful is if the designer would include the appropriate TOU with their kit. I can't tell you how many things I have downloaded that have no indication of who made it - no TOU, no name on the preview, no initials in the name. I hate to use those things because I can't credit the designer.

@Connie: I just made a note in the Freebie Forum, hopefully this will help!