Points or Credits or DCs?

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Points or Credits or DCs?

Sorry Jordan

The following problem only came to light after posting to the support forum. On pressing the save button I got the following message.

You just earned 5 points and now have 82 points in the Community Points category.

My question is this - are the Community Points the same as the DC number displayed by the log-in details? If they are the same then I have a problem as I supported the site a couple of days ago. It's funny because I thought I had 80 before I supported the site but it was only showing my 8 daily points. Now it is showing the supporter points plus the 8.

Sorry to be a pain.


Hi Mary. Sorry about the confusion. To answer your question, community points are not the same as download credits (DC). You can see the number of download credits that you have in the upper right-hand corner, next to your name (see this screenshot). You currently have over 100 download credits in your account.

The number of download credits you receive for free every day goes up depending on the total number of community points you have. Check out the help pages here, and see if they help to clear things up for you.

Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!

Hi Jordan

I went and read up and then I saw your post - I understand now. I think my problem was the big jump in community points required to gain 8 and 10 downloadable points and also the upper limit set to 10 downloadable points per day. While I totally understand your need to limit downloads - the jump from 70 - 150 and then 150 - 300 to gain 1 extra downloadable credit in each case seemed a lot - and hard to achieve, which I think - was why I thought the points that you could buy would be used in this way and not just for download credits.

Also - having read the help files they need updating to reflect how the site works now compared to then - really sorry.

I'm kind of confused on all of this too. I'm new.
I just earned 16 community credits. From my understanding these are different than DC, but you use them to earn DCs. Yes?
So, if I earned 16 CCs today, then wouldn't I get some type of DC today? Extra on top of the 5? My DCs are not updating, so I
am wondering if I have this right.

Hi Stacy,

What happens is that: Your community points raise, slowly, the ammount of free DCs you have each day. when you arrive at 30 community points, you will start getting 6DC istead of the 5 you are receiving at the moment. It happens, however, on the next day ressetting of free DC. Take a look on this page to check when your Daily downloads will raise due to ammount of community points, and, if you haven´t already checked our profile expectations, it´s also time to take a look smiley

At Stacy: One other thing to note as that the DC (download credits are not cumulative)... meaning you don't use 'em you lose 'em. It's the way we encourage our members to visit us each day, by rewarding them with free DC to spend for the day. Mine usually update between 7-9pm EST but Jordan has mentioned several times that it could be between 24-26 hours, not always the exact same time. Hope that extra info from Lorien and me is helpful! smiley

I have 81 dc if I use this month I lose it?
I have to download daily kits?
where do I put my scrappbooks I created?

what is the difference of points in the community and DC? for each serving?

Hi Anna! Thank you to help us thinking on how to improove user experience pointing that you are confused. In fact, Jordan has put together the questions the newcommers ask more often and the answers for them. Can you please read all the links you find on the first message of this topic? They will solve lots of the doubts you are expressing in several topics around the forums, including the differences - and the relationship between Download Credits and Community Points.

You can also check the ansers we gave to other users on it very own topic, too smiley

Saying so, I´ll try to answer two more specific questions:

I have to download daily kits?

No, you don´t "have" to download anything. If you like something you can download it. What happen is: As you will read on the topic I directed you, parts of the credits you have are resseted daily, and part (the bonus credits you get when you download) will never reset after you spend them.
Also, unlikely other sites where the freebies are timed and expire if you don´t download on the week or month they are released, here it don´t happen What may expire are the ones that doesn´t require DCs to download, like blog trains and Facebook Freebies. So what I do is: I download only what I´ll use that day. Things that I like but aren´t useful in the right day I put on a board on Pinterest called "my Pixel Scrapper Wishlist" and, in the day I find out how I´ll use them I download. It saves my bonus DCs for when I really need, make my HD don´t be overcrowded, and also is fair with Marisa, Jordan, and each and all kind people who pays money to sponsor this wonderful community, as I can´t do it. But there are lots of people who enter eveyday to download things till their dailly download credits are over - what is another GREAT idea XD

where do I put my scrappbooks I created?

You usually save on your HD in two kinds of copies: One in an editable format, like .psd or .cdr - and this one you never share - and other on a .jpg with the size of more or less 800x800 pixels. When you have done lots of pages you can print a photobook - or maybe you can get our best ones printed on banners to decorate your house. You can possibly show the best ones on your blog or pinterest too!
If you wanna share your layouts with us to receive some kind feedback, you can either apply for access in the gallery, and simply put them there, or follow this tutorial made by Jordan that points to a simple and free way to upload images to the internet.