gallery:how many points?

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gallery:how many points?

how many points are needed for me to post in the gallery?
explain whether or dc are points o fcommunity.ok?

Hi Ana, welcome to the forum! Somehow your posts show up twice here, I'm having someone look into it.

You need at least 25 community point for gallery access, you can apply for access here.
These pages explain all about the difference between download credits and community points. Hope this helped you!

already have achieved all the requirements, I also made a detailed reading but still can not send any scrapbook I made.
already requested access since yesterday.
thanks for your help

Marisa and Jordan give access to the gallery manually, after checking if each user met the requirements. So please, be just a bit patient, and soon you´ll receive an answer.

Lorien: Thanks for helping out in my slowness the last 24 hours... smiley You're awesome!!!