indicate a kit for Easter/indique um kit para páscoa

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indicate a kit for Easter/indique um kit para páscoa

Easter is coming.
we will post the links here scrapper with pixel elements themselves this time.
I would use this as the main base and add other:

indique um kit para páscoa
a páscoa está chegando.
vamos postar aqui links da pixel scrapper com elementos próprios dessa época.
eu usaria este como base principal e acrescentaria outros:

Hi Ana,

I strongly encourage you to speak and try to express yourself in English. It´s what all Brazilians in the forum do (and, by the way, all foreigners - we have Chinese, Thai, Dutch, German, French and other nationallities people). Also, you could write in English very well on other forums - and it seems you already found your way to ask about troubles regarding to the site - as I answered your post on Support Forum. My English is not the best too - and I´m still a moderator, lol. People don´t mind foreigners mistakes here - which makes it a fantastic enviroment to improove English skills too - and, as you live on a touristic part of the country, sooner or later you´ll need it!

As I said you yesterday on the other forum, what I can feel about your doubts aren´t regard language, but are the doubts all the beginners here have on the first couple of weeks - later you understand and it becomes natural. We are always thinking on how simplifying the understanding for beginners, but, for now, as we say in Brazil "é o que tem prá hoje", which means: by now this is the way we can help you

Is there something you want to ask about digital scrapbooking that you can´t find the right words to translate? If so, as it´s technical vocabulary and sometimes it´s really very difficult to get - I´d be happy to help you to translate. If it´s only about the website, I have to say sorry - for now we are an English Speaking community.


It´s my impression or you just changed completelly your first post? This topic was about topics on other languages when I replied...

Hello Ana,
Yes Easter is coming up. Marisa may even put together a challenge for this.

I look forward to seeing your designs for Easter.

Thanks for your interest Ana, but I'm going to lock this thread since there is already a challenge here for the Budapest Kit:

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