How to make your own Lace

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How to make your own Lace

I remember seeing a tutorial somewhere on the net explaining how to make lace digitally, without having to scan pieces of lace. But I seem to have misplaced (or just forgotten) the bookmark for it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Have you seen the tutorial (and remember where you have seen it) or do you know how to do it? I would love to learn!

I wrote a tutorial on it. I had it free but took it down. If you give me a bit I can get it uploaded again for you. It's SO EASY to make lace... SO EASY... (did I mention it was easy?) smiley

I would love to see this as well!

Me too smiley

Ok, I have posted the tutorial for you all. Here's the link. I hope it's what you're looking for. If not please let me know and I can make you another tutorial (if I know how)

YES!! This is So what I meant! Thank you (again), you are quite the savior in the "how-to" department smiley

Thank you for loading the tutorial up, Jenn. I wanted to see it, too!

You're both welcome. If you have any questions at all, please ask!

I downloaded it three.. smiley GORGEOUS lace, so elegant and old timey looking for being computer generated... smiley You are 'da bomb!

Aw, thank you hun! smiley That was so sweet! smiley

Jenn! I LOVE your tutorial! I made some lace with it - it's not as lovely as yours...but I am so pleased to have done it myself following your instructions! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.


Looks great! Will definitely be checking it out.

I love your lace. It is beautiful! TYFS!

Love your lace Sunny, are you going to give it away as a freebie smiley

I agree with Liz... smiley
I would love your lace!

Gee, how kind to ask for my humble lace - OF COURSE you may have it. A freebie under the good karma TOU.

It is not as nice as Jenn's, so I hope you won't be too disappointed in the quality of it. Download from my box account here.

Two files: One file has a shadow, and the other does not.

Sunny: It's absolutely stunning... Stop smack talking yourself, sweetie! You did a fabulous job... Thanks for sharing it with us. I for one snatched it right up. smiley

Me too! I just downloaded it Sunny, it's beautiful!

Me three. I just dl'd it too. Love it. Great job... You should be bragging...

Sunny, I really, really, really love your lace smiley thanks for sharing!

Sunny, I would send a posy of flowers but air kisses will have to do smiley smiley smiley
~*~ Thank You ~*~ so much

Hi, I've only just discovered this thread. Would it be possible to have the link to the tutorial please? I clicked on the picture in the post that says it has the link but it was dead smiley

Hi Donna, you could try sending Jenn Johnson a private mesaage? I know she still visites the site, but I'm not sure when/if she looks at this forum.

Unfortunately, I don't think she's doing tutorials anymore. She has a new blog here:

I did take a peek and you can purchase the tutorial from her store here:

It's no longer a freebie tutorial smiley

Thank you both for getting back to me smiley I shall go and take a look at that link. Thank you smiley

I love Sugar Butt and wondered what happened to her. She used to have a blog with tons of freebies. Thanks for the links!

I was also a huge fan of her freebie tutorials...but she had told me that her blog was a paid one and that she needed to find a new home for it (can't remember exactly why)...but when she came back with the new blog, I saw she wasn't doing the free tutorials anymore. I was so crushed because I downloaded them a lot.

Hi Jenn,

I hope all is well.
I was hoping you could share your lace tutorial with me. I am new to pixelscrapper and really need this for one of my designs. Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

Thank you for the info about how to make your own lace.
So I clicked on the link, and a Virus is embedded in the link.
My Norton took care of it.
I hope that whom ever clicks also on this link has good Virus Protection also.
Please take the link down.
Just wanted to let you know. smiley

Thanks for the heads up Patricia, I have taken the link down.

Abby Flores, post #24 has the link as to where you can purchase the tutorial. It is half price right now and I just purchased it. Here is the link to the product: