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FREEBIES: mollyscraps

Hi all! I have two freebies available this week.

The first is Love Abounds created for the Digital Scrapbooking Resource Center. I am Featured Designer there this week. This is going into my shop for sale on February 15 so if you missed it you can find it there but I do hope you'll download it by the 10th so you can get it for free!

DSRC Freebie

The second requires registration in the Stuff to Scrap forums as it is this week's entry into the Designer Darlings contest. If you miss it, it's going in the shop on March 1.

Easter Freebie

@Molly: Thanks for the reminder about the designer contest!! That's always a great place to get goodies and I always forget until like the third week LOL!!! TFS!

Well you're welcome and I think you are in for a treat this year. Looks like lots of great talent. It feels awesome to be doing a contest as a shop-operating designer rather than a "amateur" but competition is stiff... Good news for you guys... maybe not so great for me! smiley

Molly - your kits look fabulous! Great job and good luck in the contest!

Okay, I have another couple of freebies this week. First up is "Chalk It Up" my Round 2 STS Designer Darlings entry. You have to register in the forum to get the links. Also, I want you to have this with no strings attached by me. There will be voting tomorrow at Stuff to Scrap. If you feel inclined, I would love your vote, however, more than anything I just want you to have this kit and enjoy it!

Forum post where links are found

My second freebie is a Chalk It Up Valentine's Add-On. Just go to my facebook page and find the Exclusive Deals tab!

mollyscraps Facebook

Oh Molly I love several of the Valentine's Chalk Ups!!! TYSVM!!!

Well another round has come and gone... Here is my micro CU kit for Round 3 Designer Darlings.... feel free to download and use and please consider voting for me tomorrow...

Have a little fun in your office! My micro CU element kit has three elements created from things found around the office. You'll find a dented grommet, a frame made from shipping material, and a fastener flower. Enjoy and please consider voting for me once the polls open up!

You will find the download link here: (updated link to Mediafire)

Love the Office supplies!
I've been looking for school stuff as well... if you have a hint, please let me know!

Sue, if I come across any, I will definitely let you know! smiley

My Designer Darling Round 4 freebie is available. This kit has a CU license. This round we were provided a small CU starter kit and then we had to create everything else by ourselves- not my strong suit. Please, if you are going to use these items for a product you will be branding, verify that quality is to your liking. As always, enjoy!

Updated download link


You did a terrific design! You are very talented for what little resources they gave you, you made an adorable kit! You are very creative and a wonderful designer!!!

Thanks so much Sharon for saying that. I am definitely a CU user! smiley

I have yet another freebie to offer today! Visit the With Love Studio blog to download it!

Love it, TYFS!

Hee hee... freebie time again! I am sooooooo loving this kit:

Thank you to all who had kind things to say about So Zen. I have released it in my shop at With Love Studio (along with a few add-ons) so it is no longer available as a freebie. If you are interested in it and cannot afford to purchase it, I am willing to give it to you in exchange for a layout in my With Love Studio gallery and whatever promotion you are willing to do.

love that panda ~~ thanks

That is so cute, Molly! smiley

Molly - I love this kit. The Panda is perfect and you've chosen great colours for him. Thank you!

Cute designs, do you have any for commercial use?

Very Cute!!

I love the little panda! I've been using the Chinese Orient blog train freebies to scrap some pictures from the China Pavilion at Epcot, but I don't want all the pages to look the same ... your zen kit is great for them too. smiley Thanks!

Hey Molly, I just went to download your Play Along mini (SUPER cute, btw!!!!), as I was waiting for everyone to be done so I could download all at once. I am getting a "folder not found" message.... Is it still available??? I was so excited to get it!

@Beverly- oh wow, that's sweet of you to ask. I actually rely heavily on CU as a designer so I don't currently have a lot. THe Office Supplies sampler in this thread as well as the For Momma mini can both be used as CU- and with the exception of the banner in the For Momma, can be used as CU4CU. I have just started Andrea Gold's Photoshop and Illustrator classes as well as joining Chelle's Creations Designer Edition Club so there will be more CU stuff popping up here as time goes on. Also, I have been doing the designer challenges here at Pixel Scrapper (missed last week though) so you can look there too. Anything I create from scratch will have the Pixel Scrapper standard licensing which includes CU and CU4CU.

@Laura that's awesome!! thanks for letting me know! I would love to see the kit in action when you get the layout done!

@Heather Yes, sorry I did not put an expiration date here in the thread this time because I wasn't sure when I was going to release it. The kit is now available in my shop at With Love Studio along with a few add-ons. I saw your post at STS so check your private messages there. I sent you a coupon. smiley

Thanks Molly, I look forward to your designs, great stuff.

I restristered for the Stuff to Scrap forum, but I never lets me sign in to grab you cu.
Really cute cu.

@Beverly- I am sorry you are having trouble. The contest has wrapped up so I updated the links here so you can get them from my download sites.

You are so sweet, Molly! Thank you!