FREEBIES: of ALL freebies... FB or Blog Trains

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FREEBIES: of ALL freebies... FB or Blog Trains

Hello Ladies! I just HAD to share this all with you today... I found it while peruse my FB account last night. I think it may only be for today or this weekend, but Sweet Shoppe Designs is celebrating their 7th Birthday apparently. And they are giving away this huge fun colorful kit in a FB train: (The FaceBook Page to start at is Sweet Shoppe Designs).

They are also putting all of their Double Scoops kits on sale 50% off today. They have some great designers and it's a good way to get some huge kits at a great price if you have some digi budget to blow. Unfortunately, I don't but figured you ladies might. Have fun!!

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Wow, Shawna, this seems like some really high quality stuff in styles and colors I like. Jackpot! Thank you so much!

Edited to add: Now that I've actually seen a bunch of the parts up close I am even more blown away! This is one of the nicest, if not the nicest, collaboration megakits I've ever seen!

*** told y'all!!! (in my best southern drawl) hee hee

thanks, Shawna! Wow - amazing kit(s).

O wow, just downloaded the complete train, what an amazing and big one! Thanks Shawna!

Absolutely awesome! Thanks Shawna!

Thanks for the info - downloaded all the parts. Love that turquoise color and the bright yellows. Very happy kit.

Wow... thanks, Shawna! Told my son I *have* to have this one... Hopefully he's a sweet boy & d/l's it for me since I'm not on FB...

You are all very welcome Ladies... smiley

@Sunny: It's going to be a great summery kit to use. smiley

@Lizanne: He could always like them download, then unlike if he doesn't want them all showing up on his page. or you could always do what I had to do for facebook. I didn't want to to have all my personal info so I created an account that I use for all my digital scrapbook stuff and crafts: sewing, quilting, creating keepsakes, etc and used an email through yahoo where all my newsletters go to... then it won't be your personal information for the whole world to see if that's your concern. I hope you get it, it is a lovely HUGE kit. smiley

I don´t usually like to follow FB blogtrains - You can´t just stop and find your way there again, don´t have a full list make me a bit annoyed - but the way you are talking about this is almost making me try...

Thanks for the heads up!

@Lorien This was a great FB hop as it has a button on each page - you can get through it pretty easily. I do know what you mean though without a list but this one went pretty fast for me. I definitely is one to have - some really nice minis!

@Shawna Thank you so much - I would not have wanted to miss this one!!!

@Lorien: What Janet said is true. It was a very, very EASY one. I was done in about 15 minutes maximum, but I have 15MB download speed, too. This one is definitely worth trying and see what you think. It ends tonight.

@Everyone else: You are so welcome!!! smiley

omg, tonight!!!!! So, let´s hope my husband finish fixing my computer and facebook stops delaying...then I´ll give it a try smiley

EDIT: Just to let you know that my computer seems to be alive and kicking again, and, in fact, the freebies are fantastic and the FB hop isn´t complicated - It´s working fine, and is still up!

@Lorien: That's Great. I'm glad you got them!!! and that it was easy for you. smiley

Great kit! Thank you for sharing!

Awesome!!! Super cute!!!

Thanks, Shawna! Great find. I love the color combos in this one.

Great, thank you for sharing!!!

Oh my gosh!!! I literally missed the train. I'm kicking myself over and over. It's so my style. smiley I managed to grab a couple of the kits, but most were taken down. Mental note, I'd better keep a closer eye on this forum thread.

In other news, you all may be interested to know that Just Jaimee has a new freebie on her Facebook page/blog/newsletter. It's quite gorgeous and colorful. smiley Here is the link to her page. And below is a photo of the kit. If you scroll through her page you'll see that there are also some free journal cards up for grabs.

sorry you missed it Janet! thanks for sharing the Just Jaime new kit! smiley

Thanks for sharing this freebie! It is really cool! smiley)

You're very welcome. I became a fan of her Facebook page about a year or so ago but fell in love with her work after working with another of her freebie collaboration kits. Here is the link to the kit. It's still active.

Also, you may want to keep an eye on this Facebook page. It's the Heartistic Project and they often have gorgeous freebies. smiley

This is one of the best megakits I've seen- not to mention a collab and FREE!

thanks for posting this one too!

Thanks for the wonderful posts everyone!

Thank you so much for this heads up! Can't wait to finish downloading!

Cute designs, do you have any for commercial use?

Thank you for posting!! Great Freebie!!

hi thank u. smiley

And a mega kit it is! Shawna, this is a GREAT find! Thank you! smiley