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Kits Page

I've just created a basic page showing all the kits that are available here on the site so you can browse easier. Links are provided to the preview image as well as to the assets and layouts that belong to the kit. If you want your layout to show up too, just tag it with the tag used for the kit.

Not all the assets that you see in the previews are currently available. Once things settle down, I plan to go through and make sure everything is up, but that's going to take a bit of an effort. Next year I'll probably promote each kit again as I go through and add things. So you have that to look forward to smiley

My earliest kits don't even have previews and they are also somewhat monstrously sized. I needed them to cover a very large amount of photos (we were in each country about a month) and so there's a lot of stuff. In the future I might try and break them up into more manageable pieces.

Hope you enjoy!

Its already very useful, thanks so much smiley

This is great! Thank you.

I ♡ this idea

Lovley smiley

Did you get a hair cut Jessica?

Thanks for the kit previews. I like to look at that page and then do a search to find what has been released! smiley

absolutely beautiful!

Very handy. And, golly, I wish I could stuff myself into your suitcase.

Love this feature! Do you think it would be possible to do link so that you can purchase whole kits without going to each individual item?

Oh sorry Marisa didn't see this befor smiley Yes i while ago i got a haircut smiley

@Janet: This feature is definitely at the top of the list. First we had to get the donation system up so people would have enough credits. But that will be coming soon. glad to hear that! I'll hold off on purchasing bits and pieces from some of my favorite kits so that I can get it all at once. It makes complete sense that you wanted to get the donation portion set up before finalizing the option to purchase whole kits. smiley

I'm excited to download kits toO!

Can't wait smiley