Does anyone use My Memories Software?

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Does anyone use My Memories Software?

I was wondering if anyone else used My Memories Software??? I'm kind of new to it and with some of the tutorials and challenges, I'm a little confused on how to achieve some of these ...

The cut outs ... How would you do this with My Memories???
Any tips or tricks that anyone can share with me?

It would be extremely appreciated and most helpful ...

Actually, I do now! I primarily use My Digital Studio (MDS) from Stampin' Up, which is built on My Memories Software (MMS); however, a lot of the stuff I was downloading from MMS didn't work quite right in MDS. During last weekends site-wide sale on MMS, I was able to download MMS v4 for a great price, so I have it now too. Still learning both, but have gotten the basic hang of them and am excited to learn more. Would be glad to share the things I've figured out with you (and hopefully, vice versa).

Awesome sounds great!! I'm having troubles downloading the V4 ... I have to uninstall V3 smiley Not to sure about that one! LOL ... I've had MMS for a little over a year but last year my computer got fried from a freak lightening storm (the only thing that shorted was my computer, out of the entire house that was it!) Talk about upset!!! So we just got a new computer and i've had to rebuild my albums ... luckily I've had my digitals on Flikcr so I didn't completely loose them LOL ...

What have you learned about MMS?

While I don't use it, I played around with it just a little when I gave it away on my blog. Looks like a good program. My sister and a couple of friends use it, well I should say they all have it, I'm not sure any of them have used it yet. smiley While trying to help them a little, I found a bunch of tutorials on YouTube for it. Just do a search and you'll find them.

@ Kimberly ... Thank you! I'll have to search for it .. I had no idea there were tutorials on you tube for MMS ... LOL

I had gotten MMS when I first started about a year ago. It was very confusing to me and it seems as if Photoshop or PSE tends to be more popular. I have a LOT (about 500) of MMS kits but just downloaded the "general" version. At that time, I found that many of their kits are more expensive than at other sites, I am guessing because of the extra work when sorting the files for the software. When I choose my elements I don't like it at all when they are all divided up because I cannot get a vision of what would go well together. For me using the software was confusing which resulted in the scrapping being a slow process. I did one 20 page layout but never printed it as I didn't like the kit I used - only one I had from MMS that might work. I ended up getting PSE 10 and taking an online free "photoshop" class (she included PSE and PS) with Scraps N Pieces. They are in the middle of the beginning class but just looked and are starting a new techniques class. I was in the first online class but she does new ones pretty regularly.

My recommendation would be to jump into PSE. There are a lot of tutoriasl for PSE also. Once you get the concept of layers down I think you would find it pretty easy.

I use it and GIMP together. There are some things you can't do in it, like erasing parts of elements, but I did my circles layout, and my cutout layout in it. I am pretty well versed in it if you've got questions.

PSE is the Photo Shop right? I was thinking about changing software! MMS I think is so unorganized! I don't like it when it's divided into kits like it is, especially when I'm looking for a specific element! It proves rather difficult!! I also have Crafters Work shop, I think it's called?? I had won it on a blog contest. I haven't used it yet.

Have you printed any layouts from MMS? I'm interested to see how they turn out printed ... I'm working on my boy's scrapbooks from baby until now this year, but it's proving to be rather slow, as i'm having a difficult time trying to find the elements I want to use within the software smiley but I was wondering if they print fine or if they are blury??

I haven' had anything turn out blurry. I have one book am working on with the software, and one in Gimp to decide which I'm going to use going forward. I've slowly been finding the root files to take the kits out of MMS as I agree with you, I don't like having the the kits separated like that. Oh, and I guess I also did birth announcements and birthday cards through MMS and they turned out great.

Ok good! Thank you so much! I've been hesitant on printing them due to I had no idea on how they were going to actually look!
The Layouts I uploaded this morning were done in MMS ... I'm getting PSE now and I'm going to compare them. I have not heard of gimp before .... I'll have to research that one to!

Angela, have you already gotten PSE? I was thinking I have a copy of PSE 11 that I haven't even opened since I upgraded to Photoshop CS6. PSE is Photoshop Elements and for scapbooking and some designing would work just fine vice Photoshop. Either way, my email is and if I can get your phone (to call for address) or address I will be happy to send it to you! Let me know....I could get it out Monday.

Gimp is the free equivalent to Photoshop, the only thing it can't do is actions, otherwise very comparable.

That would be so awesome! I downloaded the trial version, so I've got a week left on it smiley So far I love it!! 8176296617

Well I just uploaded my first layout using photoshop elements 11 ... I have the free trial version and so far I love it! I can do so much more with it than in MMS! I'll probably still use both, but so I far I love pse11!!

@Angela Good deal! Left a msg on your phone.

@ Janet ... Sorry I couldn't answer my phone, I was at work and was helping a customer ... I'll call tomorrow (monday) in the afternoon, I get off at noon. And I just want to say thank you again!!!

Oh yea, does anyone know how to do the wave thing with PSE11, with the paper layers? I love that look! and I'm trying to figure out how to make the papers look ripped .... so far I'm loving PSE11!! I can do so much more with the elements! I'm still going to use MMS for certain projects, but for the really creative ones, I think I'll use PSE11!!

@Angela: Brooke made a tutorial on how to make torn/ripped papers, I think it also works in PSE. Is this what you are looking for?

@ Melouise ... Yes it was thank you so much for sharing it with me!! Very much appreciated!! I'm so excited now smiley Yay!!

@ Janet ... I'll email you my addy ... I've been working so much, I get home late and I don't want to call late .. It's rude. I asked for more hours at work but I didn't think it would be this much! I come home and get on the computer for a little bit and then go to bed! I didn't even get some of my contest entries in this week smiley I hope emailing you my addy will work??

@Angela Was wondering why I hadn't heard from you but then I figured it was probably work. No problem at all for you to email it to me that works fine. As I am retired I try not to go out more than once a week (I just love being in my home) and I will be going out on Tuesday, so if you let me know by then I will get it right off to you! I am on PS every day so don't know how I missed this post??

All is good!

I'm emailing you right now! Yea I've been working a lot lately and haven't been able to get much scrapping done and it's driving me nuts!!!!
Thank you so much again!!!

Angela, it is absolutely no problem. Unfortunately, had insomnia last night and by the time I woke up this morning I did not have time to read the forum posts before I went to my appt. Either way, I have it all ready to go and will go up to the post office tomorrow and send it as quickly as possible. Sorry. I am just happy that I can give it to someone that will use it!

Thank you so much! My free trial of the program expired today smiley and is asking for me to either buy it or enter a serial number ... so I'll be looking forward to seeing it in the mail! Again thank you so much!!!

It is on it's way! You should be seeing it by Friday or Saturday. And you are very welcome!

Yay!! I'm so excited smiley I just downloaded a bunch of new brushes and patterns to try out ...

I received it today in the mail ... thank you so much and thank you for the digi kit smiley

You are very welcome! I am so glad I was able to give it to someone that I know will use it! Have fun!

Oh I am ... I've been experimenting with the brushes and patterns!

That is just great! Have fun!