PSP Scripts, how do you use them?

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PSP Scripts, how do you use them?

PSP Scripts, how do you use them?

For PSP user, Script are what Actions are for the Photoshop users. So basicly you run the script and you can create your own element with the setting and colors you like. For example, when you use a script to create a ribbon, you can change colors, shadows, texture, but still run the script! So with one script you can create very different elements!

Once you have tried a script, you get hooked (at least I am!) I want to explain how you can start running a script in PSP because there are so many great product available and we have the idea not all people know exactly how they work!

And?? Curious how you get these scripts to work? Let’s start!

1. Open the zipfile you bought from the store, inside you will find a folder with most likely a script, some selections and what ever else is needed to run the script, like tubes, patterns, etc.

2. Go to your 'start' button on your task bar and open your Documents Folder

Look for your folder 'My PSP Files' and double click it. You will see all the folders you need to add the files you got in the zipfile. Look for the 'Scripts - Restricted' Folder and place your script here. Then look for the 'Selections' folder and add the selections. Do the same with any other items like tubes in 'Picture Tubes' , patterns in the Pattern folder and so on.

3. Open PSP now and locate the script now. If you do not have showing it in your PSP, locate your 'View' then look for 'Toolbars' and then click at 'script'

4. Now go to the top task bar and locate the script you have installed.

5. When you press play the script will start. You shall see the script shall ask you questions with pup up boxes like these

6. Just follow the instructions on all pup up boxes

7. The script will finish by itselfs, so all you need to do is follow the instructions and you have a wonderful product in a few minutes in your own picked colors, gradients or patterns!

8. You can run the same script and try all kinds of colors, patterns, gradients to make THE element of your choice.

Special thanks to Designs by Digiscrapations and Puddicat Creations for making the screens for me in English!

Thanks for this tutorial

Thank you for the tutorial smiley

Let me know if you need help! smiley

I'm going to come back to this one later - I think this subject may be a bit too advanced for me right now & I don't want to overwhelm myself. I think I need to stick to the elementals first. smiley But thank you very much, Wilma - seriously!

Script are really useful when you start to create by yourself

Thank fot this tutorial

Thank you for this. I'm still trying to reorient myself with Paint Shop Pro after going from 8 to x4

is there a place you can recommend for people learning how to use scripts. with basic, easy ones to try for free?

You can always mail me Renee, I am willing to help any time!

Thanks for the tut Wilma

Deb's Design has a free paper maker script as well as several others listed in her blog.

MadLin Designs has one for an eye button here

Here is a small list of places to get a few free scripts to play with: (may have adult content/language, you must agree before proceeding to the blog) - He has a lot of great tuts too.

Thanks Tina and Jamie, I'm gonna take a look.

Thank you for this tutorial that is very handy!

hi thank u for the tut and links. smiley

I'm a big chicken when it comes to trying new things, but I really want to try scripts. Thanks for the links to some free ones (I don't want to invest money until I know I'm going to like using them).

Thanks for the tutorial, it makes it much less scary for me! smiley

Are PSP scripts compatible with Photoshop?

Unfortunately they are not. I wish they were interchangeable, there are a ton of actions that I would love to have.

There is a recorded presentation I made for Corel, last year, that explains what scripts are and how to use them (even how to code one):

I also have some free scripts in my store and all the zip files come with a simple "how to use scripts" pdf.

Carole, after I experimented with a couple of the free scripts that I found, I purchased a couple of your scripts. I'm sort of in love with scripts now. smiley Thanks!

HI, I have the free cs2 and photoshop elements 11. Does anyone know a way to open psp script on photoshop 11
or cs2?

thank you so much for this tut!

Thank you so much for this tutorial I have some scripts but have never know how to use them. Now I can try them out.

Paint Shop Pro scripts can't be used in Photoshop, but some script writers will make matching .psd templates, and you can use those instead. I make a template with every script I create - if you're interested you can see them at

I also include a .pdf file with all of my scripts that tells you how to run them, as well as an instructions file that tells you exactly where each file has to go on your computer smiley


Can you use psp scrips in photo shop elements 10?

Thank you sooooo much! It is so hard to find information on Paint Shop Pro. I've been looking for information on scripts and your explanation is so clear!