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Great freebies!!!

Thank you ladies for all the kind words!

And today I have a new freebie for you! smiley

Oh, Jessica, I do love your work! And the beautiful, dark, rich colours of your Antebellum Eve papers! Just sublime!

Thanks so much, this kit will be perfect my older pictures.

Hello...Your kit Antibellum is just what I have been looking for to scrap my old pictures. Thank you so much... smiley

Thank you for all your beautiful kits...just what I was looking for for all my old photos. Thanks so much. smiley

Thank you so much ladies! I would love to see what you do with any of them!

Sorry I have been MIA lately - I'm expecting & due in May so Ive been very preoccupied getting ready for our baby boy!

I do have some unfinished kits to put together so hopefully I can get them done soon & put them out there for you! smiley

Congratulations on your "Great Expectation", Jessica! I hope all goes well for you and your baby boy.

Thank you Robyn! smiley So far all is well!

Thanks again for another great kit. Congratulations! x

Just fabulous!!!! Thank you so much smiley

Thank you Pat & Joanne for your sweet comments! smiley

Gorgeous kit Jessica. Thank you so much!

I am so excited by all the talent I have seen on here. Keep on creating.

Thank you Hieke & Doris for all the encouragement! smiley

I just added this month's blog train on here. Hopefully after our lil boy arrives I can get back into the design swing pretty quickly! I'm currently redesigning & moving into a wordpress publishing platform for my Victorian Passage blog. Ive wanted to do this for quite awhile now but I have failed many times at making a theme for wordpress so I was held back. But I'm determined this time to do this & I am happy to say I have made quite a bit of progress! When I'm finished I'll have a special freebie for my new blog when its up. smiley

Thank you for the beautiful freebies smiley

I really love the back to basics kit! Thank you for sharing. smiley

Thank you Barb & Leisel! Im happy to hear you are enjoying them! smiley

Your Spring Cleaning kit is beautiful. Thanks!

Thanks so much for your freebies and for keeping your older ones active. Your designs are what I want mine to be when I grow up! LOL

You're more than welcome Kathryn & Sally!! smiley
@ Sally ~ I love all your Victorian inspired designs! Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Jessica! I'm flattered by your encouragement. I'm just about ready to release my latest, "Ye Olde Dress Shoppe."

Thank you for sharing. Love the old and antique designs.

I have used several of your lovely kits - you have such a lovely style - I enjoy the Victoriana and the vintage style of so many of your kits and I love the colours you have selected for each one! Thank you for creating a style which is so in sync with my own! ~M x

Thank you

@ Sally ~ Looking forward to it esp after seeing your sneak peek! smiley
@Debbie, Meredith & Jennifer ~ You all are very welcome! I know Ive been passionate about the Victorian and Antebellum eras since I was a young girl. I hope I can make more as time allows! smiley I also have a lot of things I want to scan too from my collection of old books like Frank Leslie's & Godey's magazines.

Awesome like no other! smiley

Thank you Angela! smiley

Hello, Jessica...
I've downloaded all your freebies and I think your creations are some of the most beautiful ones available as freebies smiley smiley smiley ...
I love vintage stuff...and I collect them avidly.Thanks for your generosity and keep on creating! smiley smiley smiley

Thank you so much-just discovered this! The "Calling Card" set will be perfect for scrapping some pictures I have of collecting seaglass, and hunting for an elusive glass bottle stopper. How fun!! smiley