What is your process when making a page?

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What is your process when making a page?

I watched Marisa's tutorial on how to use the templates and saw that she had her colors and fonts planned out ahead of time before actually assembling the page. I don't know if she did it because she knew she was going to be recording it or if that's how she does it all the time, but I had never thought of that before. I, most of the time, just find a picture or two I want to use and figure out what kind of "theme". Then open anything and everything I might want to use on the layout in photoshop, move all the elements to the background paper, and then sort through them to see what fits with what my image is and delete anything that doesn't. Then spend forever looking at all my fonts figuring out which one I want to use. I'm VERY disorganized in my process, so I'm just curious what everyone else does to prepare for a layout and how I can improve my preparation. smiley

When I'm working on a kit, I will often select the fonts ahead of time along with the color palette so I don't have to think about it later on.

My process is more similar to yours. I start with the photos, which usually drives theme selection. Then I look through my elements to see what I have available supporting the theme. If I like the colors of those, then I'll look for papers and other elements to complement. I sometimes recolor papers and elements but more often I find what I need in my stash. I've been collecting for a while now so have a lot to choose from.

Interesting question... I've never really given it much thought. For me my process starts with photos then I look for a template/sketch, kit and extras that will work for what I have in mind. I too tend to open up all files in my program and just start placing them in my layout. As for fonts, I tend to use the same ones. As for colors that will depend on my kit choice - I do like to match my font color to the layout colors.

Marisa: That is a good idea! I get frustrated when I'm working on a page and can't find the font that matches what I want, and I have SO MANY of them that it can take me longer to find a font than it took me to make the page. lol.

Shannon and Tasha: Good to know I'm not the only one! smiley

When I actually do get around to putting a page together rather than just collecting everything smiley I usually start with a kit. If I find I need something extra, then I'll go hunting through my stash to see what I have that will work. A lot of times, if I don't have an element that I want to add but don't have it in my stash, then I'm off on another tangent trying to make it myself. So, I'm a bit scattered with my process and it could take me days to finish up a layout. That's probably why I don't do too many of them. Plus the fact that I don't have that many pictures I can scrap - except for my cats and dog and husband sleeping on the couch...

@Brittany: My process is very close to yours, Shannon's and Tasha's. Ironically, I guess that's because that's what I've always done paper scrapping... so it just carried over to digi-scrapping naturally. right or wrong. The only exception is when whatever I'm scrapping is very themed (Ie: Love/Valentine's Album or Christmas) or a specific home decor project that would definitely before more color related, so of course I would have those pre-meditated to match my room colors. smiley