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Templates description

I'm not sure if I should pos this here or at the Feature Request. if it's in the wrong place feel free to move it.

I love to work with templates with patterns to make my own paper or match my lay-out and there are a lot of great ones out here that I would love to download and work with. However the description of the contents of a template kit maks me hesitant to do so.

Most of the time the description, for instance for the Plaid Paper Templates 21-30 Kit says; This kit contains 10 paper templates, some are layered .PSD files and some are a single-layered .PNG file.

I need the templates to be all .psd to be able to color them the way I want to. To color single layer .png's is not something that works very well for me.

I understand that making templates all psd is not handy for others. Would it be possible to state how many of the files are .psd's? That way I would know if it pays off for me to download them or not.

The last template set I downloaded were the polka dots templates. It also said that some were .psd and some .png's. So I figured well, it's probably 50/50 and I still have some nice polka dots templates. Everyone loves polkadots right? smiley But when I downloaded the kit and unzipped it there was only 1 psd file and the others were png's. if this would have been in the description I would not have downloaded it. That was really a disappointment.

I went through other template kits and looked at the description but they all say the same thing.

It would really be helpful if it would say how many psd and png were inside the kit. Or another solution, but much more work probably, is to split them up in .psd templates and .png templates. That way I don't have to delete the png templates and could use all that I downloaded.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Christine. Would you mind if I move your topic? I´ll leave shadow copy here, so you don´t get lost smiley

Your colaborations on the forum always add interesting points! Thanks for sharing this thought

No problem Lórien. I already wrote in my message that I was in doubt where to post it. Didn't know if it would qualify as a feature request or not. smiley

Thanks so much for taking care of that. smiley

Hi Christine,

If you could explain better why you don't like .PNG files, that might help. There really isn't any difference between a single layer .PNG or if I saved it as a .PSD. Have you seen this tutorial on recoloring in Photoshop?

The reason the kits aren't better marked is because I really don't feel like it's an important distinction, and they work the same. The .PNG files just have one layer so it's easier to save them (and they are more versatile) as a .PNG

Let me know what your trouble is and hopefully I can help out.

PS: You can also browse through what's included and see what kind of files they are.

I didn't realize some of the templates were in .png format... Hoping I don't have a problem when I go to use them as well (I thought all templates were layered). I don't have/use Photoshop (PSP user here) so I don't know that recoloring a particular set of stripes within a .png template would be even be possible for me (or easy to do).

You won't have any problems bringing a png file into PSP. Recolouring with PSP is very easy to do. You select the shade of grey you want to colour and use either your brush or the paint bucket to fill it with the colour you want. Alternatively, you can also use the colour replacement brush. You can import psd files into PSP, you just won't be able to keep the layer styles if there are any attached to the layers. PSP is almost as powerful as Photoshop. I've used it for years and have found that I can do just about anything in PSP that you can do in Photoshop. I started off with PSP7 and I use PSPX now. I know they're up to PSPX5, so I don't know what new and wonderful features they've added to the program in the last 4 years or so.

@Cat: Wow, you really know what you're talking about... I think maybe I need to bookmark this thread to come back to, as I didn't know any of that (I'm not a very advanced PSP user). Thanks! smiley

I, also, need .psd files. I use PhotoImpact and can't color .png papers...the entire paper would be colored, at least that is what usually happens.

I'm pretty sure that .PNG overlays are an industry standard, that's why I do it that way.

Since the background of these .PNGs is empty, I'm not sure what your program would recolor since there is nothing there.

Marisa, you're right! I just tried it out on one of my dl'ed .png formatted papers, and it works! Yay!

In the past, it was a problem, but I think it was in the case of a white background with a pattern on it. Those, the entire paper would be colored. I noticed the difference right away when I opened your .png image. smiley